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Imagining Extra Universal Space Travel


The Hierophant
Bjarki's thread about how the universe is flat has been playing on my mind pretty much since he posted it. To understand the same page that I'm on, I recommend watching this video. At least the first few minutes of it which really help to understand and explain a flat three dimensional universe.

YouTube - Imagining the Tenth Dimension - Rob Bryanton [FULL CLIP].flv


So, supposing that the universe is flat and you could keep going in any direction and still remain inside of the flat universe, how do you imagine that theoretical travel between hypothetical multiverses could happen?

I figure that we'd have to be able to travel through a higher dimension to be able to leave our current universe. Why do I think that? Simply because we won't be able to leave our universe just by continuing to travel outward. I have no idea how it would be possible, but I feel like if we could travel through time, we would be able to break free of our current "space-time" universe and wind up in a completely different universe. It may be a parallel universe, or it might be a universe that we created just by breaking out of our universe.

These are just my thoughts. What are your thoughts on any of this?