Imagine ..!!


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Imagine that one day you suddenly became poor. Prior to this, you were well off for money. The reason behind your poverty was that somebody stole your bank account by electronic network* . Imagine you know the thief, but you can not charge. What would you do then?

* electronic network : someone who use a computer and the Internet to steal an account bank


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I would try to survive, I guess. If I couldn't do anything about it, I would have two choices--either live as best as I could, or commit suicide.


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Well ... if I had money in the bank to be stolen, and somebody did steal it, I would definitely find myself a lawyer, given it was a significant amount of money in the bank. In the meantime, I would continue working and start saving again from scratch - which is what I'm currently doing now anyway.

As for the, excuse me, f*ckhead who stole my money - I would find him. (No violence, just get my money back :) )


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A friend of mine had a "business" partner who totally ripped him off. To the point where he now has to live in his motor home and stay with friends. He was very well off for some time doing import/exports.

He is bummed of course, but unfortunately the only thing he can do is get back to work. He has lots of friends and we all help out the best we can.
In situations like this you have to remember where you came from and remember how to start over again. People born in money don’t strike me as knowing how to do that but people who built their money form nothing certainly do.

Your real friends will be there to help if they can. The true colors will come out in these tough times.

Anyway if I lost it all, I would definitely be depressed but I know I can do things to at least get by. Money comes and money goes and we all need to know that it doesn’t always last……


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Thankfully, a certain amount of credit debt has taught me an important lesson in living on less than I make. I still owe money on those cards but I've been steadily working them down and not spending spending anymore cash than I actually have in the bank.

Meaning, other than the fact I'd need to live on even less than I'm spending on a regular basis in order to save and re-build my emergency fund, I'd probably manage to limp along because I would be able to get by on my salary without making much more sacrifice than eating out less and buying a little more ramen, rice and beans.

Depending on how strapped for cash that ended up making me, I'd probably also pick up more freelance jobs, like photography or web design.


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Why can you not charge? Not enough proof? Or evidence inadmissible on a technicality?

I'll still do an exposé if it's the latter. But if it's only because of a hunch and I have no proof whatsoever, I'll just leave it to karma to deal with the situation.