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Imagine that you're taken back in time to a small cafe' in Austria at the turn of the 20th Century. There you meet a young Adolf Hitler and have occasion to speak with him. Knowing what path he'll eventually take what would you do?

Murder him?

Reason with him?

Nothing at all leaving the course of history unaltered?



I would try to reason with him, and maybe take some actions to change the course of history, but then again who are we to change what God has in plan but killing and torturing millions of jews is totally wrong and evil so I would be a bit confused

to be honest I really wouldnt know what to do untill im there.. which is never, unless someone makes a time machine or something but thats another story all together..

wait, maybe murder if you believe some humans are born straight out evil!..


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Take some time to think about it, Tan. If you were to murder him what do you think the ramifications would be as involves our history. Not just the killing of the Jews, for example, but our industrialization as a nation. Or, the forming of the Western Block. This is a topic that should spin in all directions.


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I'd definetely reason with him. He was a really smart person. He knew what he was doing. He's the type of person who has that special charisma who can lead huge masses of people and influence them. If one were to get him to be "good" or someone who didn't show that much hatred to all races but the "Aryan" race, Hitler would be a great person. I think that if he never became the Hitler we know and "love?," then he'd be a different person--a person who would do anything to help his people, to help his country, to help others all around him. I know, I know, you think I'm crazy.

But think about it, Hitler was brainwashed himself, he didn't know any better. He was basing all his decisions off of his child hood and what he heard, etc. He wanted to become an artist but was turned down TWICE by the same group of people who told him he didn't have enough talent. Take a wild guess at what race those people were. That's right, Jewish. I think had Hitler become an artist, you wouldn't have heard about him, or known much about him. That would have changed history very, very dramatically. I have a firm belief that there's good in everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. It's just deep inside and you must help that person out, not hurt them, that only makes them want to act and react in horrible ways. If I were to meet Hitler, I'd definetly reason with him. I'd make pals out of him. I'd guide him down the right direction in which he could make Germany a better nation, in which we could do the right things that could influence others to help people alike and different from them.

I do believe Hitler was a good guy. He was a good guy who had a rough life to begin with, was turned down repeatedly from what he loved to do, and became brainwashed and insane. Once an evil takes over you, it is very hard to overcome that and do what you know is right. Hitler couldn't handle that. He wanted more living space. He wanted more power. He wanted more people to be *perfect.* Was what he did wrong? Most definetly. Did he have good intentions? Ehh, that's where people begin to split apart. He started off in the right direction and with each passing day, became farther and farther from the right direction, from the yellow brick road. If one were to influence Hitler, to educate him, to help him out in his early life, he'd be a different man, I can assure you that. That is why I would have reasoned with him.

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If he killed Adolf Hitler in the Cafe, He would probably be in jail, but at least he will save the millions and millions of jews and people that were killed by Adolf Hitler

I would kill him, dont care if I go to jail. But to save millions of people..Thats worth being in jail


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Come on, Alex. You can do better than this. Read what I said to Tan. The same applies to you. "Saving the Jews" is the obvious answer for those who would have taken his life. I'm looking for you to really think this one through. That's why I titled the thread "Imagine."



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We only have seven members online right now. I see that one of them is a new debate member named coberst. I'm sure he'll chime in soon. If not, give it time and I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses. It may seem unfair for me to do so, but I'm going to hold off on giving my opinions until the thread matures a little.



Its a very intresting idea. Basically its asking how greatly did Hitler affect our world today.

What impact did he truely bring to Germany, who was already in a major slump with the nazi party on the rise before Hitler became the leader. You have to remember Hitler wasn't a major player until WWII. He was basically the man who reunited the Nazi Party and spoke of reclaiming what was theirs.

Now I'm not sure if killing Hitler would have prevented WWII or the holocaust, at that time anti-seminism was very high even without Hitler pushing it. Thinking about it I believe WWII would have happened anyway as would a genocide of some kind (thats just how wars are). It would have been a very different war though. Germany probably wouldn't have been the major player, Japan more than likely would had been the leader and most likely starter of it all. Which completely changes everything because who is to say we would have won an all at war with Japan, towards the end of WWII Japan was still strong had it not been for the atomic bomb the war would have gone on much longer.

That brings up another point the atomic bomb was built in response to Einstien urging the president to start work on it because he said that Hitler was working on creating on himself. So who's to say that if I go back and time and kill Hitler that the Atomic Bomb is not created for another 10 years, thus pushing back our technological advances by god knows how far.

To the people that say your going to reason with him, think about it what would you really say to him to reason with him? "Hey I'm from the future and your going to start WWII and kill millions of Jews?" Hitler was a genius, and knew what he was doing long before he did it. He didn't just happen to wake up one day and decide to tell all of Germany to kill the Jews, retards, and elderly.

Now I could very easily go into a rant about how going back into time alone and being in a coffee shop already dramatically changes the course of history, and that event alone could cause Germany to win WWII. Though thats a completely different subject matter, if someone wants to bring it up =)

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DRXX said:
If he killed Adolf Hitler in the Cafe, He would probably be in jail, but at least he will save the millions and millions of jews and people that were killed by Adolf Hitler

I would kill him, dont care if I go to jail. But to save millions of people..Thats worth being in jail
Yeah, no. You've got to think about all the shit Hitler was involved with.

I think this question actually comes down to one thing: are you happy with where you are right now? Whether or not you kill Hitler, let him live, or try to reason with him, the hypothetical situation of you being in a cafe in Austria in the 1920s is going to change history somehow anyway. I think everyone's answer is really a reflection of them wanting to change something in their own lives. Think about it -- you've got to accept the concept that history could change if things were different to answer the question. Anyway, enough Lacanian death drive psycho-babble.

I'd compliment him on his art. That way, assuming we're working in a vaccuum here, he would probably rise to power, but he wouldn't blame the Jews on stifling his art career by not allowing him in the Vienna School of Art. I'd give him pamplets and brochures of other art schools around Europe and maybe we'd get a new style of painting called "Hitlerism".