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Registered Member
After from what i heard and tweets i read, Jason Spezza is a few steps away from being tarded. To all habs fans and im being serious here, would you not welcome him here? what about JVR? Imagine both on the same line.... Imagine!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would take JVR but in no way would I want the Habs to trade for Spezza. Yes, Spezza is an offensive force, but he's always injured due to bad back. He's terrible on the defensive zone which leads to a lot of scoring opporunities and lots of them do find the back of the net.

JVR would look great in a Habs jersey - but only for the right price.


Registered Member
JVR is a great winger and would fit perfectly with us... i would welcome him with open arms. I'd do a three way trade, because i know shanahan would ask for a lot