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Image of Jesus on Ultrasound


Wanna play?
After a careful examination, I found 2 Jesus images, a white rabbit, the 7 dwarfs, the fruitcake I sent Aunt Myrtle 3 years ago, and my lost house key!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

......seriously though, I don't see it!


what? no pink?
LOL Angel I'm with ya. what are they seeing?? of course I have never been good with ultrasounds. "here is my baby in there" .....uh yea right whatever you say....


Registered Member
I see what could possibly be Darth pink little guy....but other than that? Nada! A little glob here....a little glob there.....


Wanna play?
Okay weird, I just popped into the auction for another looksey and what did I see??? HIM!!:-o They really should have outlined the image...I also wonder why they listed it in the art category??

Oh, and right next to what they think looks like the image of jesus is a big ol' sideways witch face on the right side, you can't miss her nose!!