I'm trying to get back into Naruto Help

Can someone tell me when the filler episodes end?;When did the new season start?


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I know what is supposed to happen at the end of the fillers, but I've been catching up yet and Naruto still hasn't left with Jiraiya so its still in the filler eps. The latest is ep 200 and the last 2 or 3 eps were actually pretty good. I recommend watching eps 198, 199 and 200. I am still waiting to watch 200 on youtube, but I'm looking forward to it.


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As far as I can tell the fillers are still going on. Every character looks noticably different after the time jump and no one has changed yet.


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The fillers havent ended yet and there is no noticeable end in sight but I have a theory.. Ok right now Naruto is facing off against some guy with exploding tags and I think that he is gonna hurt naruto pretty bad and send Naruto to the hospital then the time jump could logically occur because that is when Erosenin comes and ends up asking naruto to come with him to train for x years.. thats my theory lol
that sounds like a good theory! thank god.
I noticed the animation team(s) stepped their game up for eps 200 (at least). I figured the exploding tag guy was part of organization Itachi's in... guess not.


I actually think its going to end soon, the whole "everyone teams up" thing on episodes 198 to 201 kind of to me atleast hints that, I think they are going to have a little time break, much like how DBZ had theirs and go right to kakashi gaiden, well I just had a feeling, and I hope its right..


i stopped watching it since oct of last year...but went to dl 201...hopefull after the 90 min special they'll start the kakashi gaiden and after that part 2