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I'm too drunk for 11am.


Registered Member
But, alas, it was not 11am. Not in his book...

You see, there is 11pm and 11am. They are different, yet alike. You see, there is an 11 that does not fit on a standard clock. This is the 11 that is the current present of the yesterday's future and the later today's past.

After being up since the past day, the following AM hours become NRM. (Not Relevant to Meridium.) This is because when you wake up the day begins. The day does not end until you sleep again. So, if I woke on Monday and stayed up until Thursday, it would still be Monday for me. Kind of like jet-lag, but not really.

So. You can't count the AM hours of the following -supposed- day to you waking to be actual ante meridium. (AM.) The are actually post meridium, but since you are now legally referring to a completely different day and it is the same day for you, a lot of confusion comes into play and shit gets fucked up.

Just don't worry about it. I got it under control.