PC Games I'm tired of COD:MW2 Hackers

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by pro2A, May 31, 2010.

  1. pro2A

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    Seriously it's getting fucking old, it takes the fun and REAL competition out of the game. When one player has 42 kills and 2 deaths it's kind of obvious. They always seem to know where I am as I come around a brick wall (and I have Ninja Pro and Cold-Blooded Pro as well)... and can magically kill 5 players in opposite directions without even looking. I played a game tonight where a dude had a nuke in about 2 minutes :shake:

    What is being done about these ass-clowns? I play the PC version of that matters any. Seriously, I am getting so sick and fucking tired of these cheaters. I'd say at least 1 in 2 games has a cheater in it of some sort. I'd like to play a game with real players, and I tend to do better and have a lot more fun when there are real players and no cheaters.

    When I played Day of Defeat (Steam) online they had dedicated VAC servers and admins to kick the cheaters, and cheating was never an issue. If there was a cheater they didn't last long... why can't Steam do the same for MW2?

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    Because from what I understand, Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have support for dedicated servers on the PC side. It's all peer-to-peer, which makes it a lot easier to cheat in game.

    It's a pretty odd decision too, because supporting dedicated servers means anyone can pretty much host a game server. Possibly even have anti-cheating systems as well...
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    What Storm said.

    It's also a big reason people are slightly optimistic about Black Ops since it will have dedicated servers. Also, I've seen guys go 42-3 legit but yeah I'd imagine hacking is even worse on the PC.
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