I'm still here!


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Haven't posted the last few days but I'm still here, not leaving.

The reason is that my dog actually passed away a few days ago and I've been pretty sad since. No need for details but if anybody cares, I'm still here..



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Koala is great but I think she'll miss her friend. My dog and the koala got along well which is surprising becasue you often hear about dog attacks on koala's. And yes, we call her Roody now. But her full name is Roody Toody Woody Jane Stephens. :)

The O's are exaggerated so it's not like wood-e it's more like wudy. I don't know.. :p
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Sorry about your dog, Minimint. :(

Yeah, I was wondering where you went. I thought you got banned or something. Glad that isn't the case.

Take care and, again, I'm sorry about your dog. :(