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There's a tacit understanding that uniqueness is good.

There's also a tacit understanding that being useful is good.

Yet being unique does not necessarily make you useful. My title, if anything, serves to reinforce this.

A unique, bent spoon is useless. A unique, giant spoon is useless (search "Rejected" by Don H...something on YouTube).

Then why should we be unique, if all it does is make you less useful (or that 1/100000 chance it makes you less useless)?

(And do you think I chose a good or bad title?)


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Bad title. Makes you look like a spammer. Also, this should probably be in the Philosophy section, should a mod care to move it there.

Anyway, being unique isn't a prerequisite for being useful or useless, it's not necessarily connected in any way. So to say that being unique makes you useless, or less than useful in any way, is an incorrect statement because the two are not linked.

Besides, as a Human being you are automatically not unique, it's a point of being Human. If you were truly unique you would not be Human. You can only be "more different" than other Humans, and even then given the pure vastness of Human numbers that are living and have lived in the past, there's only so many ways you can be different. So, unique is another false term, realistically speaking.

However, let us for the sake of ease use the term unique and pretend that it's applicable - why should one want to be different to the norm? Well, it's nice to be able to set yourself apart from others, because then you're in a potential position to better yourself through your differences. If everyone was identical in every way, a) life would be a lot more boring, and b) everyone would be the same, meaning you wouldn't be able to improve yourself in any way, you wouldn't be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and that defeats the entire purpose of life. (Well, for a Human, anyway.)
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I like to organize my points.

i. I understand how the title makes me look retarded, but a spammer? Isn't the spammer's purpose the exact opposite?

ii. Uniqueness is a term used only in context, as it doesn't indicate magnitude. I assume then that the magnitude is that which I assign it. At some level, all humans are unique as long as we have different histories. At some level, we're all not unique, because we're all from the same galaxy.

iii. If we were all the same, we wouldn't understand the concept of fun. So how could we be bored? Bored is always a term used relative to something else.


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Well said. The title does make me look like a dumb spammer. :shifteyes:

On the other hand...

i. "Unique" is a term without magnitude defined. Am I unique to what magnitude? Am I unique to which respect? Generally, the term takes the context's suggestion.

ii. If we had no concept of "unique" humans, we wouldn't have a concept of fun in that respect. Therefore, how could we have anti-fun (boredom)?


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my spoon is too big.

spoons are not people. If a person is unique, the uniqueness does not preclude usefulness. if a person is useful, that does not preclude them from being unique. The two are mutually exclusive


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It could work either way imo....uniqueness and usefulness tend to go hand in hand sometimes.


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You presume the bent spoon and giant spoon are useless. It just so happens I'm a complete nutter, myself, and I'm coming over to your house --> When I get there, I'm going to say "Give me a bent spoon and a giant spoon, or will take your life," and you'll wish you hadn't rejected those other spoons because they were different, or "useless".

The normal spoon is "useful" for it's entire life; only to be forgotten and replaced by another spoon in the end. Perhaps the bent spoon and giant spoon are just meant for bigger things.


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But the bigger spoon in it's entirety is useless in the fact that a spoon is used to help us eat our food....

A bigger spoon perhaps is intended for a bigger purpose, but at this time and day that's.....just completely irrelevant to the whole purpose of what a spoon is intended for.


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A bigger spoon perhaps is intended for a bigger purpose, but at this time and day that's.....just completely irrelevant to the whole purpose of what a spoon is intended for.
Perhaps --> I bet the giant spoon is terribly depressed for it, too.

At the end of the day, though, the normal spoon falls into forgotten obscurity, where the giant spoon is remembered forever. Perhaps we're just mistaken in presuming a spoon's only function is to give us food.