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"I'm sorry, Just what is it you think I do?"


Babeasaurus Sex
Does your job role confuse people?

Do people often mistake what your role within a company is?

For example I do marketing - I am not a sales person I am a communications person but people get it wrong all the time.

I find it frustrating and disheartening!


aka ginger warlock
I do find it funny when people find out I work in IT and they comment "oh really? well I have been having problems with my pc, I think its when I plug something in it goes wrong, what do I do?", erm, as you have told me nothing and I can't see you computer how am I meant to know?! Also when I used to work for IT Support at a well known Mobile Phone Provider people would ask me about tariffs etc, they were very confused when I told them I did not work in sales so therefore have no idea about tariffs...


Registered Member
I do QC/QA of data and reports in preclinical and clinical research in the development of drugs. Yeah, it is very difficult for people to crasp my job. A few times I've gone through a sequence of tasks for people so that they can get better feel for it. Despite what I say though it isn't clear to people why it all exists in the first place. LOL.


Living on the 0th floor
People don't really get confused about my position at work so much as it is straightforward when i explain to them what I do. However, what is disheartening to me is when I tell people I work from home, and they translate that into "I sit at home watching tv, surfing the internet, and touching myself all day."

In a typical week, I work well over 40 hours a week, while going to school, and I don't get paid hourly, I get paid per how much work I put out, so I don't just sit around all day in my house raking in money that I'm not working for. Most people don't know what my job is before I explain it, but they get it after that.. It is just the people that assume I don't have a real job that bother me the most.
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