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"I'm Sorries" -Sonnet



This is a little sonnet I wrote for class..

"I'm Sorries"

Love, it up lifts you and keeps you holy
Its wing beaten away the dust of day
And all that is love is directed to you solely
Its rain is purer than the month of May

As the great oak in a forest it stands
The ray of light through the many thick wood
It warms the soul and the heart softly fans
And loves dance in heaven as lovers should

Do not let the rose of love dismay you
It has an end one that is cold and dark
Its thorn so sharp it splits hearts into two
A blade that cuts too deep and leaves its mark

Please don't be a fool and believe "I'm sorries"
At the end of time you'll know they're only stories


Ms. Malone
Aww, that's so sweet ^_^ I loves sonnets, they're cool.

Well written as usual. Good luck in the contest!


A sonnet? Wow, you're really skilled since I thought sonnets were hard to write. Great job, I just love it!