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I'm scared of cyclists


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Seriously... I'm not even trying to be funny.

Like, I can understand that everyone has to share the road and its stressful to drive, but I'm terrified on cyclist because they never use the bike lane. Everyday I come a little closer to hitting some douchebag that thinks its okay for him to not stop at a stop sign, not make eye-contact, not wear a helmet, not give me a hand signal etc. I think the absolute worse thing that they do is, when they try to cut me off from my right side while I'm trying to make a right turn. I know that if they get hurt "its they're fault", but if I end up hitting one of these idiots (or worse - killing them); does "fault" really mean anything? I don't think that "oh, it was his/her fault" is gonna be much consolation to me if I end up paralyzing or killing someone, you know? (I should probably stop before this turns into a rant.)

I dunno if thats really the problem everywhere, or if the cyclists in Vancouver are just that bad. (I hate to generalize, but yeah...) Anyone else encounter the same problems, or am I just an inconsiderate prick?


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I understand how you feel~
We have some areas here in my part of the world, where bikes have special areas to ride, so they are not directly on the highway/road.
But recently there was some sort of bike-a-thon going on....and there were hundreds of cyclists riding the roads, and they were on the main highway.
And they didn't care to get over, far from the road, they just kept on peddling, I guess they figured the cars would swerve around to avoid hitting them.
I remember cussing because I was having to...swerve around them, and I thought they should have picked another route to ride.
I would hate to hit somebody too.....


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I live in The Woodlands, Texas and there are alot of bike paths within our town. Virtually every road has a bike path. But these dumbasses decided to ride on the streets instead of riding on the damn path. There have been two accidents in our town just this year alone and one cyclist sued and won because because he accused the driver for wreckless driving. According the article when the accident happened the drivers light was green and somehow this fool won because the judge declared neglicence on the driver. So much for justice.


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Cyclists have as much right to use the roads as drivers. A lot of cyclists are killed every year because of reckless drivers, or drivers that literally run them off the road. It's pretty sad that some people are too selfish and in too big of a hurry to share the road. That goes for drivers AND cyclists. Cyclists should definitely obey the same traffic laws, like stopping at stop signs or red lights.


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I know they have the right to use the road and all, but some of them are just stupid. Pulling out on red lights, no signalling and no lights/reflective gear when it's dark...it's no wonder there are so many accidents. I especially hate cyclists on roundabouts. They make me really nervous because I never have any idea where they're going.

I threw my drink at one once. I know it's not the nicest thing to do, but this cyclist was being a real douche. He was blocking the road completely, not moving and holding up traffic. When we finnaly drove past I threw my cold drink at him. Heh, it was satisfying.


Where is my Queen?
cyclists lol, i live near the woodlands texas too, the guy above me, in conroe, they take up the road like none other i swear, i should hit them one day
:lol: Wouldn't recommend that. Wow, this is a small world you are within 10 miles from me.

I don't disagree that cyclists have a right to be on the roads, but their the ones that need to be extra careful when they do. What if they are on the road and fall off the bike and a vehicle hits them without the driver being able to react? I believe that would be the cyclists fault...especially if they have paths that were built for them to just to ride on safely.


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As a regular cyclist myself, I have to say we're probably not the best people to have to share a road with. A lot of us have enough common sense to wear a helmet, stick to the rules/laws, and not be an idiot when there are heavy metal constructions driving around at 50mph etc.

That said, in the short time I've been driving I've come across some terrifying situations involving cyclists and I would quite happily go out of my way to avoid driving near one. As bad as I feel saying this, because I know there are sensible cyclists out there, a lot of them are idiots who shouldn't be on a road, cycle lane or not.

Then again, I'm sure the same could be said for every class of person/vehicle etc that uses the roads.


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I'm around the North Dallas, Texas area. I would say that I haven't really seen much of a problem here. Every cyclist I have seen has always followed traffic laws. Maybe because of the heavy traffic?


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It's not really a problem where I live except certain times in the summer. They like to ride up the mountain near my place and there are so many s curves that someone usually ends up getting hurt. Sometimes it's the cyclists..sometimes the people in the vehicle trying to avoid them.


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Some of the cyclist we have around here are annoying as heck. I understand the whole sharing of the road rule, but sometimes they take advantage of the road, and it's easy for us drivers to hit them. I personally wish they always had a bike path to use instead being on the road with cars.