I'm officially through with guys!

Discussion in 'Dating & Relationships' started by redsoxocd, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. redsoxocd

    redsoxocd living on the border

    I really cant take guys anymore. Okay so heres what happened today:

    This guy that tried talking to me at the bus station on Friday, so me today and continued to try to talk to me, he doesnt even get on my bus, but he got on just to talk to me. But I was just liek "w.e" and I just talked to him a little, and flirted a little without thinking about it. Its like He said that he was 19, so I was like w.e. only a 3 year difference. But then he started like trying to tell me that I was his girl. Because he asked me "do you have a boyfriend?" So I gave him the same answer that I gave him on friday, which is "no, I broke up with last boyfriend 2 weeks ago" so he like, "your not single" and then he tells me "how can you be single if your talking to me" so I told him that I'm technically not talking to him, and that it was only my second time seeing him, and I pointed out that he didnt call me when I gave him my number on friday (i really need to stop giving my number out!) So then he gets off at my stop and he tells me that he knows someone who lives in my neighborhood (I admit, I was stupid for telling him what street I live on...but my street is long, so I didnt think anything of it.) and that he wanted to walk with me to the street after my street. So I walk with him there...and I was smart and I stayed outside the house, and then he walked with me back to my street, and he started telling me about how he doesnt like girls who play games, and asking me if I was going to be talking to any other guys besides him. And then he tried to hug me, and I admit that I was stupid for giving him a hug, but then he tried to kiss me. So I backed up, and was like "whoa, I'm not kissing you, I dont know you like that" and he says that he really likes me, and I told him that he cant reallly like me, because he barely knows me. But he kept trying to pull me closer to him, and kept trying to kiss me, to the point where he wouldnt let me go, and he was feeling up my body in the process, and then he just kissed me. He finally let me go, and he asked me if we were going out, and I said "no" he like "but we just kissed" and like "no, you kissed me, I didnt kiss you" but he goes on to say that we are going, out and he asked me to call him tonight...I'm wicked scared. I f*cking hate guys...they all suck.

    Most of the guys that I have been with have done crap like this, tried to touch me, and tried to have sex with me agianst my will. I cant take guys anymore. I just cant do it!!! I mean, why do guys act this way...today was a good day too, I got to me Sly Egido (this guy whose worked for the red sox for 16 years, and is shown on both WS dvds and is known all throughout red sox nation and baseball) he even offered to help me get a job this spring, and I got paid for helping out the baseball card shop today. But then this guy has to come ruin it all. I cant do this anymore...i'm done with guys!:cry:
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  2. Sephy

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    Umm it was a guy at a bus stop what the hell lol.

    I understand a lot of guys are pigs and only think about one thing. But you can't give us up forever! Not all of us are bad!
  3. Mirage

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    It's true. Have a male friend call that guy and let him know that "no", you aren't going out with him. That should put him in his place. He obviously has no respect for you if he didn't respect your pulling back.

    So if you go to a restaurant and don't like it do you give up on all restaurants?
  4. Swiftstrike

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    You're a girl I thought you were a dude. I guess I'm dyslexic because I thought your name was "redsoxcox".
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  5. oxyMORON

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    I think you're just meeting guys at all the wrong places. Sephy phrased it just about right.

    Meet good guys at good places like church or school or something. Granted, there's no definite place where good guys are, but chances are a lot better than on the streets.

    You probably should take a break from the dating scene for a while. Make a list of all the things you like in a guy (or the other way around) and just observe for the next few months or however long it takes.
  6. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    Was it ew? Or was it hilarious.
  7. neum985

    neum985 I pwn noobs

    Okay i have to put my 2 cents in on this. Church girls...they are easy and guys know that so i wouldnt go there to find a guy. And you shouldve punched the guy in the gut or slapped him and he woulda got the picture. Lastly the guy is obv. a loser if hes 19 and going after a 16 year old that he doesnt even know. It would be one thing say he met you through a friend or something, but to basically stalk you is really (for a lack of better words) bad.
  8. Jeanie

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    DUDE! lmfao! she posted pics of herself. lots of them.

    honey don't give up on guys. it may take a while to find, but there are good ones out there. :nod:
  9. Iris

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    Hey, like Sephy said, don't give up! Not all of them suck, only the gay ones.

    But if all else fails, you could always jump the fence. :D
  10. silencedPPs

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    Original Poster:

    I'm not dumping any of the blame on you, so don't take it this way, but I think you need to learn to be more direct with guys when you see trouble starting. It doesn't always have to be a slap in the face (until he touches you), but you have to recognize when he crosses lines and stop him from going any further. Like right here

    I gave him the same answer that I gave him on friday, which is "no, I broke up with last boyfriend 2 weeks ago" so he like, "your not single" and then he tells me "how can you be single if your talking to me" so I told him that I'm technically not talking to him

    When you tell him you're single, you're single. If he tries to imply that you're with him because you're talking to him, then that's where you set him straight. Make sure he knows that talking to him doesn't make him your boyfriend. And if he doesn't back off and get nicer immediately, then you've got to shut him down colder. Either go away from him, stop talking to him, or shut him down on everything else he says.

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