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MLB I'm (Not) Sorry Misha Mayhem


New Member
But I'm sure Dickey's Flow will approve...



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah, I saw that sign on twitter a week or so ago. It was pretty funny and creative.

Me, DF, Sabby and another friend wrote "I <3 BJ 'S" on our chest one year. Sportsnet refused to put us on camera when they came in to our section.


Registered Member
Sad thing is... if you were a female, they would have aired you. I've seen the "We <3 BJ's" sign a million times from the BJ Girls.


New Member
That sign was made into a t-shirt that a lot of men were wearing at the home opener. Of course, it's one of the shirts being sold in the street, not in Rogers Centre. It is awfully funny.

With regards to the comment that Bizzy & Co. would have been put on tv if they had been chicks - as a chick, it's shameful that only fan-girl, borderline slutty types are ever shown. I know it makes for good tv and all, but still. It bugs me that the stereotype is perpetuated by the media.


Registered Member
I saw a 19 year old girl with "I <3 BJs" written on her stomach at Union Station 2 years ago. Man, her and her friends were HAMMERED :lol: