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I'm looking for a game...


New Member
I'm looking for a good action beat-em-up style console game where I can play as a girl (as I have difficulty relating to the big buff guy w/a beard). I don't so much like stealth, guns, or swords. I just want some good hand-to-hand combat with atleast a sorta-storyline...
Acouple games I have thoroughly enjoyed were the Buffy games and Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance. While some might say my style of gaming is blaspheme... I can't help it. I like what I like.
Oh... I like good combo attacks... Not just B-B-B-B... But B+^-A-A+^ (substitute for Xs and Ys based on the console system...)
Please help me find a good one... :)
Thanks a ton!


Secret Agent
Staff member
You could try out Perfect Dark perhaps. You play as a girl in that but I heard the new game isn't all that great though.

Then there are the Final Fantasy games. Plenty of girls to play as in those. I haven't played those games forever though..


New Member
...Yes, but Perfect Dark = Guns... Final Fantasy = Swords/no hand-to-hand, and all but 12 is turn-based...
"I don't so much like stealth, guns, or swords. I just want some good hand-to-hand combat with atleast a sorta-storyline..."


New Member
Perfect dark is good but u said you don't really much like guns and swords. it really depends what systems you have. if u have GCN then get SSBM not much of a storyline but still get to beat people up brutally and there are a few girls as playable characters.


New Member
ooh, ooh! get Tekken! that series is awesome! every character has a different story line and there are plenty of girl characters. The game is based on hand-to-hand combat with combos. if decide to get it go with The King! he has the best combos. so yeah, it's good.