I'm here! Yah, it's me. The me; the real me!

Hey, guys I stumbled across your forum and want to become part of your community. Hopefully I'm not hazed too bad as I have read some other threads talking about the rep system.

I am pretty knowledgeable in the PS3 specifically, but I also have a wii and an Xbox 360. I get just about every new game release on preorder as I found a way to get things for free, but that doesn't matter.

My PSN is GingerCupFerry (no, it really is)

*P.S. I might have a lag switch under my toe as I speak right now. You wouldn't know would you?


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Don't worry, rep isn't turned on for new members anymore. You won't have much to worry about now. :D



Boom Boom Pow!

welcome to GF! its good that your passionate about your gaming. i myself own a PS2 haha now obsolete really lol

see ya around the forums


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums, I really hope you become an active member here at General Forum. I'm sure you'll a good time posting here, so stick around and you won't regret it.