Im gonna be a daddy


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Its been almost 20 years since my one and only son was born.......Now i am gonna be a daddy again, how cool is that?
Dont know what flavour the baby will be as yet, would like a daughter but i am not fussed either way as long as it is healthy. Let the sleepless nights commence lol!!:nod::nod:


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Hey.... Nope no name decided as yet, got to see if its a boy or a girl first?
Think its due at the end of june/ early july. Getting rather excited though i gotta say.


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Congratulations Westy! I hope the baby is a girl too but if not, at least you have a bundle of joy in your life.


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Congrats, dude. 20 years between kids? Wow.
I know its a long time, but getting used to it.
My son his happy about it, and my ladies 21 yr old daughter too?
Got ready made baby sitters lol!!:nod:


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Major congrats, man. I totally know the feelings you're having right now, and you have to be proud.
Congratulations Westy. I don't think there's anything more exciting than a new baby on the way.
Of course, I'm done having them, so maybe a million dollar check would be comparable to me.:lol:
Are you going to find out the sex before it's born?