I'm Going Around the World


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My job just approved my request for a leave of absence. I'm leaving for 6 months on June 20. I'm spending 2 months in Africa, 1 month in the Middle East, 2 months in southeast Asia, and 1 month in Australia. I'm pretty overwhelmingly excited and I've run out of people to talk about it with. Sort've a buzz kill. Has anyone else done a trip of this magnitude?


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Wow, that'll be awesome. I'd love to do something like that. Be sure to go to some football games.


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No, I haven't. Boy would I love to though. I hope you have a wonderful time, you're going on a once in a lifetime expedition. Make sure you make the most of it :]


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That's awesome, where in Aus will you mostly be?


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I've always wanted to do a trip in that fashion, but my travelling days as a single person is over and about to be a mum again so I guess I won't be doing that kind of trip till my children are independent and no longer living under the same roof as I.
Enjoy your trip!


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Boredie I just saw your avatar and it made me yawn :tired: I've been to Adelaide and Venice. I want to go to Dubai some day and take a picture of this Burj Dubai tower they are building. When its finished of course.

Anyrate, have a nice vacation and have fun with airports and baggage;)Hah