I'm debating changing my voicemail

Should I change my voicemail?

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My voicemail is currently pretty much a Rick Roll. It starts at the chorus "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down" etc. I never talk during it. The song just stops after the chorus and you hear a BEEP.

(45 seconds in for those of you who are new here...)

YouTube - Rick Roll

The problem is that I do freelance web development and graphic design for clients who call periodically. Do I risk it and hope I can get to the phone in time or do I resort to a normal voicemail?


I'm leaning towards changing it unless I am talked out of it.


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If it's an important phone call then yes do change it, it's more professional to have a normal voicemail. When I first got my cell phone, I did a funny voice mail, but then I realise that I have a lot of clients now so I need to be more professional so I did a normal voice mail. You should do the same.


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lmao... why didnt I think to incorporate a Rick Roll in my voicemail. I may have to edit mine now. Maybe use my standard voice mail like nothing has changed and then start the Roll up.

"Hey this is Tommy, Sorry I missed your call. Leave me a voice mail and Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!"
however.... Rick rolling clients is considered rather Taboo in every Business Class I've ever taken.
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Haha me too icegoat. It hasn't happened yet because I usually answer my phone instantly but the one time I miss a call I'll feel pretty stupid having to explain that song to somebody.

It's like driving a motorcycle at 60MPH without a helmet. It's fun as long as you don't crash.


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I guess it depends on what is more important buisness or fun. and which one you take more seriously. I think it could really compromise opportunities for you, but then maybe they aren't the typical stuck up buisness people i am used to.


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you should change it to yourself talking, I hate calling people and their voice mail is super annoying, yours sounds like it's the worst though ;)
Definatly definatly definatly change it. You ultimately have to look at it this way; if a potential customer calls you and hears that, then you've given them one hell of a first impression. And it may not be that great of one. First impressions are 90% of the battle in any business deal, your voicemail should reflect that. It doesn't ahve to be stiff, but rick rolling a potential client could be a bad idea.