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I'm 'bout to disappear for a couple weeks-


It fell off.
Quick and too the point-

Hey- Exactly what the title says- I've got a bunch of stuff going on right now, On top of that- my friend I usually go to when i need her..Well, she passed away - i just got an email from her brother (he doesn't know my phone #) And She was like..my best friend ( i have only 1 left now) And..well..*sigh* Kinda at a lost of what to do. (well, besides the obvious fact that I know i need to go shoe shopping before today is over) And my support system isn't quite where it should be at right now...But I don't want to talk about that. I just want to forget about it.

Not to mention my friend Ben...For those who weren't in the chat room last weekend- he got into a car crash. I was @ the hospital after I found out- bout 3pm til 7pm- then came home to shower 'nd change and eat- then went back up bout 9- til 2:30am- then came home, slept a bit- ate- and left again in the morning- etc-
We're not sure if he's paralyzed or not yet- legs are broken, we'll have to wait til they heal to find out, and his shoulder 'nd collar bone is broken, along w/ he can't see at all currently outta one of his eyes- so that's the update on him for those who were in chat when i brought it up

But from that happening and a few other things, mentally I'm going to become emotionally drained, it's happened before from a stress point in my life- and Sooo I kinda know what to do now/working on it anyways. But I do know for sure I'll become drained of energy. It's bound to happen. I already started having panic attacks again...Soo it's well on it's way to happening.

Anyways- just figured i'd drop a message by.

catch ya'alls when I get back on.



It fell off.
Thanks yalls.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It's always good to take care of your real life stuff.

Good luck and come back soon.


Registered Member
Oh, babe, thats no good at all. not much to say as its a hard one to talk about, but i do hope to hear from ya,

Take ya time tho,

be quite around here without you