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I'm addicted to Toontown


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:D Yes what started as an innocent Disney week trial has turned into a year obsession. Sounds like a kids game but I know of zillions of adults, couples and sometimes whole familys that play. It's not unlike many online interactive fight games but you are playing "toons" (cats, dogs, ducks etc) and your weapons are "gags" (cream pies, seltzer bottles etc) and your money is jellybeans. I just got a 2nd account for my kid who mostly runs around racing and riding the "trolley" for jellybeans.


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Is it a web based game or is it a game that you buy at the store? I have to admit I have heard OF it but don't really know anything about it.

I won't be playing it, but I'm just wondering. I can't get into huge multiplayer online games like that. I like games that I can play once every few months and not feel like I missed anything in the meantime. :)


what? no pink?
toontown is a multiplayer online game yea : )

I'm the same way though, I can't get into online games anymore. UO kept my attention for a loooooong time LOL, which I have to give it credit, any game that can hold my attention for that long has got something. However online games like that just takes to much time to get things done and I don't have that kind of time anymore. :-/


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LOL I don't have the time anymore either. That's why I get NO sleep :nod: (HI Bunny)!!!!

Yup zillion player online game. You can have 50 people as secret friends who you can actually talk to and the rest you have speed chat (or online chat) I'm a member of one of the message boards about it and they do all kinds of fun group thingys in game. Luckily it's a smaller group where eveybody kinda knows everybody. They were ones who pulled away from a huge board where things got a little too kid friendly and the adults wanted to play.

I never played a game like this before and wasn't sure I'd get into it either. It was kind of weird and lonely at first but once you start making friends....especially goofy ones....it becomes very fun! It does help that my latest friend on the west coast is a teacher so has to go to bed early. Keeps me from staying up allllll night:nod:

Have you played Bunny?