I'm a total Noob.

Hello future trading companions!

Like the title said I'm a total beginner and know nothing about Forex trading.
I've been reading some good posts here on the forum and already learned quite a bit. I'm only 19 years old so I don't wanna rush. My plan is read, read and read. Then take a course with some group and then do a demo account.

My question for you is if you have any books on the most basic stuff.
But please feel free to recommend any stuff that you think is good and that will help me understand Forex trading and if you have something to recommend please say why you think it's good.
In the mean time could you recommend other good investments for example :nod: ameritrade fidelity and dealsjamaica.
Thank you VERY much!

I'm a total Noob.:shake: Please help!:confused:


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Well a few of us here are into forex trading but probably not most. What currencies are you working with?

And welcome btw!