Im a newbie!


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IM new to this forum and very excited! please reply it would probably make my day! anyone live in pennsylvania? that's even better! :)


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Thanks for pointing the obvious, haha just kidding.

Welcome to GF, tell us a bit about yourself, some of your intest and such. You should get yourself an avatar as well.

Pro2a is from Pennsylvania


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ooops...postesd that last one too early heres the rest of it, im 17 from pa, im graduating this year and cant wait! im really over high weird as that sounds i like to have fun, not necessarily what about people my age consider fun (according to some friends) all the time but still fun. ACTUAL fun. though i do like teenager fun as well. OK im rambling...anyway if anyone could tell me how to change the name that is displayed i would really aprecciate it!? its stephdalce right now but i want something new. plz mssg me or reply.


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Hey there, welcome to GeneralForum! Tell us a bit about yourself and settle in, this place has plenty to offer for everyone. :)


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Welcome to the forums.

You need to give Hybrix special services to get your name changed.

What part of PA are you from? I used to leave in Pittsburgh.


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I live in the philadelphia area, never been to pittsburgh though always wanted to go. How is it?! I hear its kind of a ghost town but who knows maybe just a rumor.