I'm a Newbie


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Hi! I just signed up today and am trying to get familiar with the sight and how it works. Anyone have any suggestions for me?


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Good mornin, Lorak27! Welcome to Auctionsightings.com :D Be warned, lots of good people on here willing to watch your auctions and make you stay up late waiting for the next post LOL

Suggestions... Take a look at the High Profile Auctions and Low Profile Auctions :)


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Hi and welcome (man it really is still morning isn't it)!?!

Suggestions? Hmmm read read read and then read some more :) Then reply. Remember you can read (almost) all of the posts and reply to most of them even at level 1.....just can't start your own thread and stuff. Somewhere around here are rules (but shhhh don't tell anyone.....don't think I've ever read them :D)

If you get lost just give a yell.....someone will point you in the right direction.

Again....welcome! Enjoy your stay!
Welcome Lorak, I suggest you give yourself lots of time for visits here! It's very addicting and everyone is willing to help with anything questions you have!! Enjoy!


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Isn't the Lorak in a Dr. Suess book? Last of the Lorak or something.. I remember that being my favorite one out of those.. lol

Welcome. :D