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I'm a minimum wage employee...get me out of here!


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So bored at work...


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Yeah I get that alot. Thing is that it's more of a concentration camp than a workplace


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You should Pugz! You should.


Ms. Malone
I feel for you because I used to work in the same situation; that's how I got my shoulder injury.


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You don't have to be grateful for a job if the reality is you are miserable there. Maybe there is a project you can offer to do that will make the day go faster. There's so much to be done everywhere I go, and workers are just standing around.


not a plastic bag
I was at a restaurant one time and the waiter was complaining to me about his minimum wage job. I listened for about 2 minutes and then got up asked to speak to the manager and told him everything I'd just heard. Never saw him again. I had no qualms about doing it. There are plenty of students and stay at home moms that would love to have his job.
Just a lesson. Be careful who you complain to when on the clock.


Where is my Queen?
That is true. I have seen peope fired for talking about management behind our backs, and when in reality they were talking to there new boss.