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I'm a Mac, and Windows Seven was my Idea


Do What Thou Wilt
Serious. Anyone seen the new Windows Seven commercials? Or even just looked up what its all about?

-Ease of USe
-New Application Bar

Both of these have been standard on macs for years. Ease of use was the focus since Steve Jobs started the damn thing. The Bar has been standard for I don't know how long, but its been years. I mean, WIndows should be using these because they WORK, but they shouldn't just blatantly copy MAc and give no credit to them.

/end micro rant


AKA Ass-Bandit


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Let me get this straight - Windows 7 is basically trying to combine the best features of Windows with the best features of Macs, plus maybe add a couple new things? That sounds like progress to me...


Epic Gamer
I have Windows 7 now and it's not massively different from Vista (that I've noticed). It does run nice, though. I like it.


Endangered Species
Isnt this abit like Henry Ford not giving credit to Karl Benz? Really who gives a shit! OS's evolve to the market, of course there will be similarities.


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I have Windows 7 now and it's not massively different from Vista (that I've noticed). It does run nice, though. I like it.
Yeah I heard that too, apparently better for running games on. My next computer will have it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Windows 7 is a lot more stable than Vista. They've really worked the kinks out.

I don't really like the application bar, though, I usually just close it. Windows has always had a similar feature with the "quick launch" icons in the taskbar. I always just drag and drop the stuff I want to use to the quick launch area on the taskbar.

The window previews in the taskbar, the fact that you can pin programs instead of just hitting a shortcut, and dockable windows really make this thing fucking sweet.


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Windows is a horrible system in my view and the only system that I feel is great is Linux. I have nothing against Mac but Windows has screwed us over one to many times


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Don't mean to nitpick, but you forgot Steve Wozniak. Also Ronald Wayne.
Who? :p

W7 is copying parts of mac, mac copy parts of windows. Google craps on both of them and copies them both. xD'

But i got to say, areo shake, etc are GREAT. :cool: I love them at school.


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Windows 7 is very good : it's not too slow on older computers with enough ram, it has a very good and intuitive interface and .... i like it :)