Illegal Rapes 5, finally caught


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DNA links illegal immigrant to attacks - East Valley Tribune -

for the last 18 months some guy was basicallly terrorizing Chandler,AZ by breaking into little girls bedrooms and either rapeing them, or getting scared off.

This person was described as a mexican. YRT a mexican radio station went off on all news outfits reporting that, now we come to find out that it WAS an illegal mexican who did the crimes, DNA has proven it.

This asshat was also deported twice already for drug crimes in California


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Glad he was caught. I hope he gets put in jail and that's it for him. If he gets deported he will just come back and do it again.


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Seriously folks? You think this guy being an illegal immigrant has anything to do with what he did? Legal immigrants and natives can and do rape people. One person--who is singled out for his actions--does not constitute any sort of sample of any imaginable group.

SamusAran86 said:
And the whole thing about profiling... isnt that what the police should do?
No. Profiling (as in 'racial profiling') is when the police suspect people simply because they possess some specific characteristic like dark skin or green eyes. It is not when the police look for someone with dark skin or green eyes because someone with dark skin or green eyes is suspected of committing the crime for other reasons (like if someone with such characteristics were witnessed committing it). That's a pretty important distinction.


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What I am saying is, Victims report the crime, they give descriptions, police report it, shouldnt News organizations report the facts?

It took 18 months to catch this guy, every victim (aged 13-15) reported that he was a mexican. Shouldnt they report it, not just to protect others, but so people can help catch the criminal.