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Illegal immigrants exploiting asylum loopholes


Free Spirit
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Overwhelmed immigration agents in Southern California rented $99-per-night hotel rooms for a sudden surge of illegal immigrants on Monday while releasing others into major U.S. cities, Fox News reports.

Feds rent out $99-a-night hotel rooms for illegal immigrants | The Daily Caller
I think its time to end this loophole and end asylum to anyone from Mexico until a better plan can be made. All that is required to be allowed to stay to apply for asylum is a few key words. Which you have to go to court to actually be granted asylum but in the meantime they are released to disappear into American society.

If what this article claims is right about how much it will cost I don't see how we can afford to give all the illegal immigrants citizenship. Our economy can't take it, the extra burden on social nets and tax hikes to fund this.
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Problematic Shitlord
What bothers me more than this is how difficult it is to legally immigrate here. If we could rework that system, we would not have to deal with illegal immigration being as high as it is. This story is nuts but I think it again shows how much we can benefit from an actual, decent system that helps people become citizens.