I'll Spare You the "Save our Sonics"

i won't go into any clay bennett or david stern rants (i just don't feel like going through it again). i was just wondering how many people here who support other teams disapprove of the sonic's move from seattle to oklahoma city.


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I think it's unfortunate. I think it's something that should be thought out for quite some time. I mean, Seattle should be able to support an NBA team and it will be unfortunate for them to lose it.

Look at the Charlotte Hornets.. *ahem* New Orleans Hornet. Charlotte has a NEW team now.. Wouldn't it have made more sense for New Orleans to make their own team from scratch?

I think if the Sonics move Seattle will see a new team soon enough. I think it makes more sense for Oklahoma City to make a new team. It's a waste of time and a big confusion for everybody otherwise.


Sultan of Swat
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It's sad that you guys are going to lose your franchise, because it's so historic. I honestly wish that the Sonics could stay in Seattle but the odds are really low, so I think the Sonics have played their last game in Seattle and they'll be moving to Oklohoma City next season.