I'll play in the NBA if there's a 2011 lockout.


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This has been the statement by a few NFL stars so far..

DAVIE, Fla. -- Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall said Thursday that if NFL teams lock out the players next year, he will try out for the NBA.

Marshall said he plans to audition for either the Denver Nuggets or the Miami Heat.

"My first team will be the Nuggets and my second team will be the Heat -- I'm serious," Marshall said.
“I just talked to Pat Riley,” Ochocinco announced. “When I see the ends, I’ll be coming off the bench for the Heat. I can average 10 points per game. I might be the first player to get two rings in one year.”


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I'd love to see NFL players make the switch to other sports if the NFL has a lockout.

They're professional athletes that deserve the right to compete.

+2 for Brandon.


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There's a few players in the NFL that can make it to the NBA in my opinion. Another player that I believe can make the jump is Antonio Gates since he was a college Basketball player as well, and played fairly good.

It would be really interesting to see that's for sure.
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The NBA's going to have a lockout next season too if they don't get their labor issues ironed out.

No basketball and football?! now that's cruel and unusual


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McNabb and Terrell Owens could jump in as well, but I doubt it.. they are getting up there in age so I don't know if they'd want to transition themselves for just one year.