I'll be waiting you .. ?


Supposedly your partner has to go to another country to finish their studies and will be living there for a minimum of 2 years.

What would you do in this situation?

a) Break up from them and promise you'll be waiting for 'til they get back.

b) Break up from them and DON'T promise to wait until they get back.
[chances are you'll date other people but might consider going back to your partner again, after they come back]

c) Break up from them and DON'T promise to wait until they get back.[chances are you'll never get back to your partner even if they come back earlier]

d) Stay in the relationship and promise to wait until they get back.

e) Stay in the relationship but DON'T promise to wait until they get back.

f) Other. [Please specify]


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I honestly don't see myself staying with them in most circumstances but there are instances in which I would. I mean if I was dating someone for a year or less and they were going overseas for two years it would be hard for me to justify just letting them go and praying they don't find anybody in the mean time.

Unless it was someone who I knew I had a special connection with it would be tough not to break up. Communication is the key to most relationships but that's a long friggin time to be apart. I don't know, I still think it would depend on how much I loved them or not.


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Two years or more! Wow!......... Well, I'm assuming you're not referring to a husband and wife situation.........so, I would definitely go with option:
(e) Stay in the relationship but DON'T promise to wait until they get back.
Anything could happen within that period of time on either side; she could decide to move on or vice versa. I would make no promises and encourage her to do the same; face the future with an open mind. If she decides to break up well, so be it.
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Depends how serious the relationship was. I've done the long distance thing before and it was horrible. It was nothing to do with the temptation of cheating because I never felt that way. It just hurt to be apart.


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Like Bliss said, it depends on how serious the relationship was.

I was in a long distance relationship before I got married and waited for him; meaning I stayed faithful until we could be together; granted, it was a different circumstance, we were both out of school and well into our careers.


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when i was young i donnot think two years is long.
now i feel it so long for two to depart..


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I've had 2 long distance relationships, I am completely done with them.

If I loved this person, then I would do what I could to go with them and try to get work where ever they are.

But in most cases, I would break up with them and keep the possibility open that we could get back together when they get back. That is, if both of us are still single then.


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Long distance relationships dont work for me I would break up with them and see what happens wen they come back