Ilic coming to New Jersey

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 8, 2006.

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    North Jersey - Marc Cornstein, the agent for Mile Ilic, expects his client to be bought out of his contract with FMP in Serbia in the next several weeks and in a New Jersey Nets ' uniform by training camp, according to a report published by North Jersey.

    The 7-foot-2 Ilic was the Nets' second-round pick last year.

    "I think if the Nets want him here he'll be here and every indication I've gotten is the Nets want him here," Cornstein said. "I do believe [the buyout] is something that will happen shortly. I think it will be manageable.

    "I would be disappointed at this stage if Ilic was not a Net come October."

  2. Ilic is pretty badass. He was a 2nd rounder last year. Every critic said that if he came out this year instead that he'd be a lotter pick. He's got great offensive moves and a decent mid range jump. He's a pretty good defender from what I've seen too. I just want him to add a little more 10-15lbs. I'm sure he could do that by the beginning of the season. I can't wait though. Him coming over definately will help out our front court down the road.
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    I heard great things of Illic, I'm sure that if he comes to the United States and plays for the Nets then he will help them a lot, just like Nenad Kristic did after playing in Serbia Montenegro for a couple years, now look at him he's becoming a real star.

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