Iguana Looks Depressed

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Pugz, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Pugz

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    Weird huh?

    He's my brother's Iguana, he's been with us for a few weeks because my brother's between homes; the Iguana is usually pretty active and likes to watch what we're doing - but the last 2 days or so...he just looks depressed :-/ He just lies on his heat rock and does nothing.

    He's still shedding, but eating well.
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  2. Scissorhands

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    He misses his familia! Maybe you should get him a friend. =)
  3. Doc

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    Iguanas are solitary by nature.

    I've never had an iguana but I have had snakes and other smaller reptiles. When my snake shed it would be just as "depressed" and just spend most of its time in one spot until a day or so after the shedding was complete. She also didn't eat very much.

    You said the iguana is still shedding? I can see that being the issue. Does he have something largish and rough to rub against? Try bathing him in lukewarm water to help along the shedding.

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