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Discuss IGN's Best Comic Book Series 2011


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When I buy comic books every week, part of my ritual is checking out IGN's Comic site...they have some well-thought-out reviews, in my opinion.

They released their Best Comic Book Series nod for 2011, and I thought I'd share it here so that we can discuss.

Best Comic Book Series - Best of 2011 - IGN

Their choice was the next-to-most recent volume of Detective Comics, which apparently featured the last of Dick Grayson's run as Batman along with some great writing and story arcs...they call it some of the best Batman in history. I admittedly didn't read this, but I may have to look into it at some point.

The member pick is Uncanny X-Force, which hands-down is one of the best comics out there right now IMO...the Dark Angel Saga that took place in 2011 made it one of the best of the year, without a doubt.

So, what do you think of their choice? What would your pick be?

My pick would have been a tie between Uncanny X-Force and the new Daredevil book. To be honest, I'm surprised that the latter didn't win it. If Daredevil keeps up the great writing and art during 2012, it's my early pick to win this a year from now. That book is rocking everyone's collective worlds in a lot of ways.


A Darker Knight
I've seen the Black Mirror laying around my local comic shop, and I've wanted to get it so bad, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to start reading stories where Dick is Batman yet. haha