Ignorant questions?


When you meet an old friend after a very long time .. , what do you think are some of the ignorant questions you shouldn't ask?

I had this friend coming from the States a few days ago. I hadn't seen her in years [except that we've seen each other on FB] and today she was worried because [according to her] some other friends asked her a lot of personal stuff like : Do you have a boyfriend? Where do you work? How much do you earn? How much is the rent of the house you live in ? Where do you parents work? How much do they earn :lol:etc ..... and she thought these were very ignorant questions to be asked. [which I partly agree-especially starting from the 3rd question lol ]

Were the friends who asked this in the states or in your country? Maybe they were just curious about what things are like over here, compared to there?

As far as what questions are off limits, I guess it depends how close you are to the person.


Babeasaurus Sex
I think questions about someones wage shouldn't be asked.

Other than that I'm pretty easy going I don't really mind stuff being asked of me. I don't like REALLY personal questions though - "How many sexual partners", "What size bra" stuff like that. And yes I have been asked those by people I had only met 4 times!


I'm serious
I don't think any of those questions really qualify as ignorant, maybe rude though. The worst question would have been to ask her if she was pregnant, lets say if she gained some wait. Every one knows you shouldn't ask that unless you can actually see a baby pertruding from her hoohoo!


Yeah I'm sure it's for comparison, but take it easy! As long as we're not close friends, I don't have to tell you anything about my personal payments and how much I earn, really. It goes beyond limits because like you said, It depends on how close we are to each other.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think it's kind of rude to ask questions about how much one makes, or how much they paid for something like a house, or how much a woman weighs. Really depends on how good of friends you are though. If you're really close then I don't think sexual questions are necessarily rude or ignorant.


Sally Twit
I don't think asking someone if they have a boyfriend is rude. I wouldn't ask someone what position they last did it in but asking if they are in a relationship is just the same as asking what they had for lunch as far as I'm concerned. Also, I don't see how asking someone where they work is 'ignorant'. I would never ask someone their salary but what's wrong with finding out what they do for a living?