If your username was taken


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Alright if your current username was taken what would you have chosen?

I'd go with my alternate version of Hybrix that I use when Hybrix is a no go.


Why? I just liked how it looked/sounded.

If I couldn't use any part of my name then I'd be pretty annoyed and I'd probably go with something with 007 or 006 in it. I was a big GoldenEye fan and Alec Trevelyan in that movie, as well as James Bond of course. So something Bond-esq.


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I would prolly try phoenix23

92 is my birth year
23 would be my birth date

If i couldn't use anythingwith my username in it, then i would try something criket or Music related

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man it's a hard question.

I probably would have gone with something like "Legacy" (I don't know why but I just like the word)none of this suck up stuff like "GF247" or "GF fan".


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Dunno, no one really knows Turbonium b/c its an add on to my nickname of Turbo that my friend added on and the NY is where i'm from. never had the issue so i'd be screwed since i got no alternate. lol

maybe i'd go by Jack Skellington. hehe


probably something theatre-related
like Shakespearia.
but not DramaQueen. As much as i love the term... its too teeny-bopper ish.


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Fantastein. That nick was made from alot of randomness in an IRC chan last year, and ever since it's been my alternative nick, and custom title at most places.
Poe - Name on an online gaming site that I use. Plus, it's a cool Zelda enemy.
AzulChill / Azul / Chill - Something short that has a cold feel to it.
snow - Another cold feeling name.
wAterBug - Online gaming tag.
watersLug - Online gaming tag.
sLime (or sLime King) - Dragon Quest enemy.

Tons more, but I will no longer bore you... >.<;


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I've got a few nicks I use around the web.
Boredie is unique for GF.. so everyone applaud :D
I'd either go for blueeyes or frojik.
frojik is actually a nick I made up - it's a combination of a singer's name (first, middle, last) not in any order, which I used to like. And since the name is really unique and sounds odd I like using it a lot.