If your job relocated you


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If your employer told you tomorrow that you were being relocated to another location, say 500 miles away or so and in an area that you don't really love (or at least you like it less than where you live now), would you make the move?

Your other option of course would be to quit and find a new job.

Only problem is if you moved you'd make twice what you are making now. So what would you do?

I couldn't do it unless I knew people in the area I was moving to. Friends and family are more important to me than a job that pays more money.
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Depends. If I was single then I would probably stay and look for another job, assuming I liked where I live. If I was supporting a family then I would have to consider taking the job and moving. If I thought moving would be best for everyone then I would do it.


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If I got a better job and my husband could get to his work with no problem then we would consider moving.
I don't think I'd move :-/ Unless I wasn't living anywhere near my family in the first place, then I might consider it. If I had a family of my own then I'd do whats best for them and probably end up moving.


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Depends on the state. I'm going for training in NJ for 5 weeks, and that bad enough. I would not move there however, no matter how sweet the deal is.

If it was a state like Kentucky or Florida or something, I would move.


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I wouldnt mind if it was near an urban location.

States I wouldnt want to move to.

  • Montana
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Either of the Dakotas
  • Nebraska
  • West Virginia (To many jokes about that state)
  • Idaho
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Oklahoma
I probably would rather look for a new job than relocate to those states.

Note most of those states have a low population and are far from rural areas.

Hell Cleveland's population is greater than Wyoming and the Cleveland region is greater than most of those states...

And Cleveland kinda blows lol.
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I would relocate. Right now, people are being laid off work, and it may not be all that easy to find another job. I would probably try to find something else first, but the odds wouldn't be in my favor for that.


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If my job wanted me to relocate to a new place we might go. It all depends on the place and who is paying for the move and if they can help us sell our house and get another one when we get there.
The jump in pay would make it worth moving. But I guess it all depended on where they wanted us to go.


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I would relocate if it were double wages. That is a significant rise that you most probably wont make in 25 years if you did not move. I would take the job with the prospect of early retirement or enough wealth to pursue my own dreams that would normaly take twice as long otherwise.

The only thing that would cast any shadow on my choice would be risk factor, if the job is in Gaza city or downtown Basra I may reconsider.