If your favorite player...


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If your favorite player was signed or traded to your most hated team would you be able to cheer for him? I am sort of in this type of situation, my favorite player in hockey got signed with the team I hate with a passion. I'll probably still cheer for him (not when he plays my team) because I want him to do well, but I will never cheer for that team just because my favorite player got traded to them. I still hate them with a passion.
Hm. If Nabokov, Thornton, Marleau or Michalek went to the Ducks, would I still root for them? Yes. I would even try and watch more Duck's games, and it might soften my hate for them a little (very little). But it wouldn't completely make me forget how much I hate the Ducks (although that hate has died down a little since the Pronger trade).


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If Nomar Garciaparra got traded to the Yankees, I'd hate him. He's not even on the Red Sox now, and he's still my favorite athlete.

Everyone here got mad at Johnny Damon when he got traded to the Yankees, but really.. He helped us win it in 2004, he should be a hero here.