If You Wrote A Book?

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    Alright this thread is pretty straightforward.

    everyone has had an idea at some point in their life and many people have it somehow relate to writing a book.

    if you could write a book what would be in it? (title, characters, plot, country)

    I'll start it off.



    Main Characters




    -it's a bit hard to explain but there is a dark lord who rules teravanti who is trying to gain ultimate power by obtaining something called the "Crest" when he succeeds in obtaining it roku and crystania attack and in the process the crest is lost and is divided into pices and scattered across the land. these 3 countries are surrounded by a forest that goes on for infinity making them the only civilizaations in existence.

    yes i know that I did not do a very good job explaining the plot but it's a good book I am actually in the process of writing it right now.

    what would everyone else do if they wrote a book?

  2. Merc

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    My current novel in progress:

    Title: The Make Believe Man

    Jacob Fortune (Main) - Vagrant Magician
    Richard Caine (2nd main) -Veteran Officer
    Travis Miller - Rookie cop
    Leanna Green - Fortune's partner (not in marriage)
    Ragshar Havik (Villain)

    Country: United States

    The Make Believe Man tells the story of Jacob Fortune, a man cursed with immortality who was born of sin and a result, hates himself. His mother was raped by cultists almost seven hundred years ago and Jacob was the product. His experiences with his mother who was blinded by her faith drove him to hate all religion and faith. For the last hundred years, he has been hunting down cults that harm and torture innocent people.

    Flash forward to the year 2005, a gritty veteran officer by the name of Richard Caine discovers an abandoned church littered with blood, tattered clothing and dead bodies. His findings catch the ear of Jacob Fortune, who recognizes the symbols on the church as those of the cult his mother belonged to . . .

    Fortune finds a fighting partner in Caine whose thirst for justice is almost evil. The two must find and stop the cult members before they kill again. One man, a living myth and legendary vigilante, the other a forty year old man searching to right the wrongs of his past through justice, both determined to purify an insane world.
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    The only book I've thought about writing is a Children's book. My mom and I worked on it for awhile and got most of it done, but couldn't quite come up with all of it.

    The book is based on how my mom did with us and now I get my kids out of the bath. We tell them that there are alligators that come out of the drain when the plug is pulled and they'll eat their toes if they are still in the bath when they come up. It works like a charm.
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    sounds like quite an interesting book, I'll read that if it ever gets published. How did you possibly come up with that plot I have never heard anything like it, it is certainly creative.
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    ODIN is only a whispered name, rumored to belong to a genius in the art of death and destruction. With a lethal cadre of ruthless agents spanning the globe and mastery of The Voice of Odin, a devasting force unlike anything the world has ever seen, the deranged mastermind hunts for a single talisman so that he can begin his assault against the hopes and dreams of the free world. As his agents race around the globe searching for this talisman they encounter the last man in the world they wanted to face

    And soon DILLON and ODIN are locked in a struggle to decide the fate of The Earth itself.

    Currently available from Amazon.com as well as Barnes & Noble.com

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