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If you won the lottery (major prize)...


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
1. How would that change you?

I hear people winning multimillions but say "it wouldn't change a thing" or "I wouldn't change what I'm doing now", but is that really possible? I think it would change me because I would permit myself to enjoy certain luxuries I couldn't afford before. I'd worry less about every euro I spend (taking less time to debate whether I should buy something I really want).

2. How would that change others around you?

First, would you generally tell your friends and relatives you talk to or would you only tell a select few? Do you think some people you know would take advantage of your new situation? Befriend you more than they usually do or start to ask help with their money problems? I would probably be careful about letting people know about it. Someone I know has inherited a huge amount of money and now she tells me she's always being asked for loans since she's supposed to "have more than she needs now". I imagine the same would happen to me if people knew I won the lottery.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't think it would change me at all, i'd be the same person but with more money thats all.

I'm really close with my friends if anyone of them would need help and I was able to do it with my new found money then I would do so, but I don't think any of my friends would try to take advatange of me.


still nobody's bitch
I would be less stressed out. the only thing I ever stress about is money.

I'm trying to imagine people around me asking for money (well other than my mom, she woulnd't hesitate, but then I wouldn't hesitate to give her some). I can't imagine my friends asking me for money. Maybe I'm naive and overestimating them. Personally, I'd never ask anyone for money.


Registered Member
I don't think it would change me except I might be in a better mood because I wouldn't have to worry about how much money I might be short one whatever payment that might be due.

I can say for absolute surety that my family would start falling out of the cracks including immediate family wanting a piece of me as well as some ex friends I'm betting.

I would, however, gladly share my wealth with my good friends.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm sure I'd change a little bit if I won the lottery. I'd move out and I'd probably buy some things I wouldn't buy otherwise, but I definitely wouldn't go overboard with the spending. I would tell my family, but probably not anyone else. I don't think my friends would ask for money or take advantage of me, but they don't really need to know.


The Original Kiwi
Well, we would have a couple cars and house payed off completely. Also, Knyte would probably quit his job and just get something part time that he enjoyed doing cause I would make him cause he gets anxious after just sitting around the house all day for extended periods (and we'd drive each other crazy). We would also have retirement completely funded and the ability to buy and do some of the things we want. Also we'd probably do some nice things for our parents, but that would be about the only differences.

I'm sure you'd have people asking you for money. Would we give them any? They'd have to be pretty bad off for us too.


Registered Member
I'd become one flashy SOB!

I'm sorry but I really don't swallow the idea that anybody couldn't be changed by that amount of money. I'd live a lavish life which would include my close friends aswell.

My mate and I have a pact. We decided that of either of us one the lottery then they would give the other £1m to spend however the wished. I stand by that aswell. I know I'd become a bit of a show off but at least then I'd have someone else to show off with.


Lets see. I honestly don't think I would change that much. I would still want to graduate from college and get a job. The only difference is I might be more spontaneous when it comes to buying things.

I wouldn't make it a secret either. I quite frankly would find it funny to see people that I had only a passing familiarity with suddenly act like my best friend. I wouldn't really hesitate to foot the bill for food or whatever with friends either, but I wouldn't buy them cars or shit like that.


Registered Member
Should I win the lottery the first thing I'd be doing is making my car the most badass in the country. Would it change me? Yeah, I'd be a conceited jerk about my car and made sure everyone knew it. Outside that I wouldn't be much different, I'd need to save some of it for my future. My ambitions include a family primarily and I'd prefer to save for that rather than blow it all.