If you where forced to be a cannibal


Do What Thou Wilt
What part of the body would you eat?

I would eat the area around the kneecaps, lots of muscle and blood runt hrough their for the most flavor! YEAH CANNIBALISM!


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I would eat the whole body. If I were forced to be a cannibal I would start with a toe probably. Eat it like a chicken leg. Then after that I'd feel like I'd already done enough wrong and just continue eating. Hey there's no point in trying to salvage my soul anymore. What I couldn't finish I would take home and make jerky or freeze the rest.


Son of Liberty
I'd start by cooking the meatier muscles (ie: The Butt cheeks and Thighs) then I'd brine it by allowing the cooked meat to soak in the ocean (pending I'm lost on an island or something).

I'd save the organs for later... dry 'em out so that they were more like a sun dried tomato than a juicy liver. This way the longer I dry 'em the hungrier I get and the less I care about taste or looks.


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I'd go for the more muscly parts, like most people do with regular meat.
I wouldn't have to be forced as such though.
Humans are not, by a long shot, as innocent as animals.
Nobody said penis. You know you wanna try it.

I'd say the abs first, then maybe the arm. Hopefully, I can get some BBQ sauce to cover up the taste... If it has a bad taste. >.>


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I would start with the vagina, taking a little lick now and again just to make sure it's fresh, then a little nibble here and there, so not to eat it all at once and have nothing left to enjoy apart from a couple of chewy nipples.