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How would you write Spiderman 4 and 5? They will be shot back to back so one can only imagine 4 will end with a cliffhanger and carry over into 5.

First you have to decide on which bad guys would be the best. Here's a list of the top 20 Spiderman bad guys. I think it's safe to say the bad guy(s) for 4 and 5 will come from this list.

The 20 Greatest Spider-Man Villains | Blogzarro

Considering Venom is ranked the #1 coolest Spiderman bad guy, followed by Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Sandman, the next bad guy will probably be among the more popular bad guys.

The next on the list are:

Carnage: I think having Carnage directly after Venom would just be bad. They are WAY too similar.

Lizard: Lizard is pretty odd and interesting but isn't exciting enough to be successful in a 2 movie series. Not as the main bad guy that's for sure. Just another mad scientist.

Kingpin: Kingpin might be the most practical choice for the next main villain. He also has a personal connection with Spiderman that could make for some interesting character development from Peter Parker/Spiderman.

Jackal: Just no. Too many scientists gone mad in the movies already.

A few bad guys later and I have my characters ready for Spiderman 4 and 5.


Here's what I'd like to see out of the two movies.

Three bad guys. Kingpin, Scorpion and Hobgoblin. Their connections and places in the Spiderman plot would compliment each other and they could work well together.

Here's how I'd outline the two movies if I were writing the screenplays.

Peter Parker has been in depression since the end of 3 after Harry was killed. 4 starts out with him having not been Spiderman for a while. He doesn't think the city needs Spiderman anymore and lately there hasn't been any major reason for him to be Spiderman. He and MJ are married and are living happily together in the city. It's been a while since he's put on the Spiderman costume... long enough for the Kingpin to have developed a strong crime ring.

MJ now works for a fashion designer Roderick Kingsley who has recently purchased the Osbourne estate. As he is exploring some of the house he happens upon the Goblin equipment. He is crooked however and has made a lot of his money through underground crime. He has a TON of money and wants some more excitement in his life. His twin brother runs the fashion business for a time while he takes up a life of crime as his newly created alter ego, the Hobgoblin. He starts to stir things up and the headlines of course are now Hobgoblin related.

Right around now it is made known that Kingpin has been talking in secret with Jameson who has a plan to kill Spiderman once and for all. Jameson has learned the identity of Spiderman and made a deal with the Kingpin. He tells him the identity of Spiderman and in return the Kingpin delivers Spiderman to Jameson for a mutually beneficial solution. Jameson has been covering the new menace "Hobgoblin" in his newspaper and recommends that they hire him to help them.

The Kingpin is of course big in the criminal underworld as well. He doesn't know the identity of the Hobgoblin but he hires him to take out what he claims is a witness to a crime. The Hobgoblin then takes out Aunt May. Spiderman is furious and goes after the Hobgoblin who had no idea what he was getting himself into. He then frames Flash Thompson as the Hobgoblin to turn Spiderman's focus off of him. Flash is found to be innocent and the real The Kingpin asks the Hobgoblin to capture MJ, which is easy since she works for his company. The Kingpin has told him that this will allow them to kill Spiderman once and for all.

Spiderman goes after the Hobgoblin to rescue MJ. When Spiderman arrives at wherever MJ is being held he makes a terrible discovery.

Jameson has been working on a project of his own. The ultimate news story and he plans to have front row seats. He has hired Mac Gargan to undergo a scientific experiment to make him scorpion-like. The plan is to have Scorpion fight Spiderman to the death and cover the fight first hand. The news network will make millions and the profits will be split with the Kingpin who has funded this entire operation. Spiderman arrives to save MJ and realizes that he's been lured into a trap. Scorpion is released and Spiderman is forced to flee without saving MJ. 4 ends, to be continued...

5 starts off with a video of MJ pleeding for Spiderman to save her. This is being played on the news everywhere and Parker realizes just how much his costume will hurt those he loves. News stories about Jameson missing start to surface. Missing? When Scorpion realized that MJ was the love of Spiderman's life, he decided to change the deal. He betrays Jameson and moves MJ to a new location. This is no good for the Kingpin because he doesn't get anything out of this deal if Jameson doesn't get the story.

Spiderman knows that Jameson was involved in the creation of Scorpion and he knows that if he finds Jameson he'll probably find Scorpion, not to mention MJ. Spiderman meets up with the Hobgoblin early in 5 and fights him. Instead of killing him he realizes that he can use him to get to MJ. He captures the Hobgoblin and finds out that he is Kingsley. Spiderman threatens to reveal Kingsley's identy if he doesn't help him get to MJ.

Hobgoblin is unaware that Scorpion has betrayed the plan and goes ahead and captures Jameson and brings him to Spiderman. Spiderman questions him but finds out that Scorpion has gone off the books. Hobgoblin then tries to kill Spiderman and after a brief battle he finds himself falling to the street and is killed. Jameson escapes and flees to the Kingpin, only to be followed by Spiderman.

While Jameson and Kingpin are arguing about how to fix this situation Spiderman shows up and has an offer. He will fight Scorpion if they help him find him. He realizes they need the story and that fighting Scorpion can be mutually beneficial since he has a chance to save MJ in the process.

Kingpin locates Scorpion and leads Spiderman to him. Spiderman goes up against Scorpion in an epic end of Spiderman 5 battle. Towards the end of the battle Spiderman realizes that Kingpin's gang has slipped in and recaptured MJ. He slaps Scorpion up into a giant web and tells the police to go get him.

It's time for the final Spiderman 5 battle. Spiderman chases the Kingpin's van and of course Jameson is covering the entire thing with news helicopters. Spiderman catches up with Kingpin and the final epic battle commences. Jameson's news crew is pitching Spiderman as the villain of course. Saying that he was in cahoots with the Hobgoblin, etc.

Jameson is right there with the Kingpin Spiderman fight breaks out and is of course acting like he is there as news, he has a camera and all. Spiderman ends up injuring Kingpin badly, and has to make a choice between saving MJ or saving the Kingpin. Obviously he will save MJ but the Kingpin isn't actually shown dying. He either escapes or dies but it's not clear since he's one of those villains who never really is killed.

He is onto Jameson's scheme and turns him over to the police. Jameson screams that he is innocent of course but is arrested regardless and MJ and Spiderman are back together.

/cut to credits
So, that's how I would write Spiderman 3. What do you think?

I think that combo would be pretty awesome together. It wouldn't be too far off from the type of bad guys that have worked so far in the Spiderman movies.
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the only problem is that Jameson has never been anything more than a nuisance to Spiderman. making him a big time schemer just goes against the grain of his character, he isn't really capable of something like this setup.


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In the Comics Jameson is responsible for creating Scorpion though. It could definitely work out considering that's somewhat of a scheme in itself. He creates Scorpion to kill Spiderman in the comics.


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Yeah Hybrix is right, that is the Scorpions origin. I'd liked it Brixy, however I think you picked the wrong villains. Well 2 of them atleast, not from a story point of view just from some general problems. King pin was done in Daredevil and I don't think sony would risk any association with that crap-trap especially after the stigma of Spider-man 3. Also 3 goblins in four movies is too much when they have other types of villain that can be explored. I think another Goblin would be pushing it. Apart from that I liked what you would have done with those characters had you been in charge.

Hmmm as for me, this is difficult since I think the Black Spider-man / Venom story would have been perfect for a 2 parter so I'm really annoyed it's been wasted already. Obviously it would have to be done differently than it was in 3 but I think it would have made a great 2 part epic. Much more time to develop a badder edgier spidey who could shit all over Eddy brock for a whole film. Then when he does become venom in the fifth it wouldn't seem so rushed and shallow. If hypothetically you'd asked how would I shoot 3 + 4 instead of 4 + 5 it would have been something along those lines. I would have kept the second Green Goblin in there too although that part of the story would become resolved midway through the second part leaving a sole show down with the big bad Venom. After a whole movie and a half of build up, the tension would have been great. However I have no time machine and Spider-man 3 did happen so I'll have to live with that. I'm going to browse the villain list and then give you my 4 + 5 ideas.


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The only logical way to save this franchise would be to go with the Lizard IMO. Doc Conners is one of the original antagonists and also one of the most colorful. His name has been made mention in all three installments thus far, so he's not a complete stranger.

The lizard could provide a very dark atmosphere, one much like a Nolan-Esque batman if played properly. He sticks to the dark subterranean underworld and He's about the most conflicted character this side of Peter Parker himself.

A sure fire way of providing a 1 villain movie to save the franchise
I think the best villain for 4 would actually be Mysterio, maybe paired with Kraven.


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I was thinking about Mysterio.... but then again I wanted to save him for a Sinister Six movie (that I know will never happen). Same thing with Shocker, who is my favorite spidey villain.