If you were to skip a meal?

If you were to skip a meal?

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What main meal would you rather skip if you were in a hurry?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

I'd go with breakfast. I skip it most days anyway and make up for it with a late night snack. :lol:


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If I dont have breakfast I feel terrible, by 11am I start to get hunger cramps and subsequebtlly get really anxious. If I dont have any dinner in the evening I strugle to sleep.

I can go without lunch with little repercussion...<<<I dont like to and very rarely do:lick2:


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Breakfast or dinner, but not lunch. Breakfast, because I don't really take much anyway for breakfast, just a drink. So it's not as if I'd be missing something big by skipping it. As for dinner, I've skipped it before and it's not such a painful experience since I'd be sleeping anyway and wouldn't have to think about food and hunger (unless I wake up in the middle of the night).


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i dont like skipping any, but if i had to then it would probably be breakfast, i dont usually skip breakfast, but i could if i needed to.


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I usually skip breakfast and/or lunch. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I'm always in a hurry in the morning. And I don't feel like eating just after waking up.
i dont have meals i have snacks throughout the day, small healthy things every 2 or 3 hours. i would be more inclined to skip the last one of the day though because i could just go to sleep earlier. but its really not good to skip any. i hate to say but i usually dont eat as soon as i should after waking up just because i dont get how you become hungry while sleeping, it doesnt happen to me.


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You really should not be skipping any meals. EWR has exactly the right idea - eat little meals throughout the day. If you don't feel like eating anything right when you get up, try to eat something within an hour or so of waking. Holy hell, it's right there in the name of the meal - break-fast - your body has gone several hours with no source of the energy it needs to work properly. Your brain needs a steady supply of glucose to function properly, and if it doesn't get it from food, it will steal it from the stores in your muscles. Eating fewer meals throughout the day can also lead to high blood cholesterol levels.