If you were to change your legal name?


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A lot of celebrities change their legal name to a different name. Often times this is to give them an easier name to remember to give them an edge in marketing.

Would you change your name if you were going to try to go into show business? If so, what name would you use?

Take a look at some celebrity name changes. I've spoilered this because it's a HUGE list.

[highlight]A [/highlight]
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, American basketball player - birth name: Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.
Abdul-Rauf, Mahmoud, American basketball player - birth name: Chris Wayne Jackson
Adams, Nick, American actor - birth name: Nicholas Aloysius Adamschock
Affleck, Ben, American actor - birth name: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt
Aiken, Clay, American singer - birth name: Clayton Holmes Grissom
Albert, Eddie, American actor - birth name: Edward Albert Heimberger
Alexander, Jason, American actor - birth name: Jason Scott Greenspan
Alda, Alan, American actor - birth name: Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo
Alda, Robert, American actor - birth name: Alfonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D'Abruzzo
Ali, Muhammad, American boxer - birth name: Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.
Allen, Mel, American sportscaster - birth name: Melvin Israel, later Melvin Avron Israel
Allen, Rae, American actress - birth name: Raffaella Giulia Teresa D'Abruzzo
Allen, Tim, American actor - birth name: Timothy Allen Dick
Allen, Woody, American filmmaker/actor - birth name: Allen Stewart Konigsberg
Allin, Kevin Michael, American singer - birth name: Jesus Christ Allin
Allyson, June, American actress - birth name: Eleanor Geisman
Alvarado, Don, American actor - birth name: José Paige
Amos, Tori, American singer/songwriter - birth name: Myra Ellen Amos
Andre, Gwili, Danish-born American actress - birth name: Gurli Andresen
Andrews, Dana, American actor - birth name: Carver Dana Andrews
Aniston, Jennifer, American actress - birth name: Jennifer Linn Anastassakis
Ant, Adam, British pop star - birth name: Stuart Leslie Goddard
Arlen, Richard, American actor - birth name: Cornelius Richard Van Mattimore
Arthur, Bea, American actress - birth name: Bernice Frankel
Astaire, Fred, American actor/dancer - birth name: Frederick Austerlitz
Astor, Mary, American actress - birth name: Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke
Avalon, Frankie, American singer - birth name: Francis Thomas Avallone

[highlight]B [/highlight]
Bacall, Lauren, American actress - birth name: Betty Joan Perske
Bancroft, Anne, American actress - birth name: Anna Maria Louisa Italiano
Bara, Theda, American actress - birth name: Theodosia Burr Goodman
Barrett, Syd, English musician - birth name: Roger Keith Barrett
Barry, Jeff, American singer/songwriter/music producer - birth name: Joel Adelberg
Barrymore, Ethel, American actress - birth name: Ethel Mae Blythe
Barrymore, John, American actor - birth name: John Sidney Blythe
Barrymore, Lionel, American actor - birth name: Lionel Herbert Blythe
Basquette, Lina, American actress - birth name: Lena Copeland Baskette
Beatty, Warren, American actors - birth name: Henry Warren Beaty
Benatar, Pat, American rock singer - birth name: Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
Bennett, Tony, American singer - birth name: Anthony Dominick Benedetto
Benny, Jack, American actor/television and radio personality - birth name: Benjamin Kubelsky
Benton, Barbi, American model/actress - birth name: Barbara Klein
Berle, Milton, American comedian/actor - birth name: Mendel Berlinger
Berlin, Irving, Russian-born American composer - birth name: Israel Isidore Beilin
Bishop, Joey, American comedian/actor - birth name: Joseph Abraham Gottlieb
Black, Karen, American actress - birth name: Karen Blanche Ziegler
Blake, Amanda, American actress - birth name: Beverly Louise Neill
Blake, Robert, American actor - birth name: Michael James Vijencio Gubitosi
Blane, Sally, American actress - birth name: Elizabeth Jane Young
Blyleven, Bert, former Dutch-born American baseball player - birth name: Rik Aalbert Blyleven
Bogarde, Dirk, English actor - birth name: Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde
Bolan, Marc, English singer/musician (T. Rex) - birth name: Mark Feld
Bolton, Michael, American singer - birth name: Michael Bolotin
Bono, Sonny, American composer/singer/actor - birth name: Salvatore Philip Bono
Bonser, Boof, American baseball player - birth name: John Paul Bonser
Bowie, David, English singer - birth name: David Robert Jones
Brewer, Teresa, American singer - birth name: Theresa Breuer
Brice, Fanny, American comedian/entertainer - birth name: Fania Borach
Brittany, Morgan, American actress - birth name: Suzanne Cupito
Brolin, James, American actor - birth name: James Bruderlin
Bronson, Charles, American actor - birth name: Charles Buchinsky
Brooks, Albert, American actor - birth name: Albert Lawrence Einstein
Brooks, Donnie, American singer - birth name: John Dee Abohosh
Brooks, Mel, American film director - birth name: Melvin Kaminsky
Bruce, Lenny, American comedian - birth name: Leonard Alfred Schneider
Burns, George, American actor/comedian - birth name: Nathan Birnbaum
Burstyn, Ellen, American actress - birth name: Edna Rae Gillooly
Burton, Richard, Welsh actor - birth name: Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr.

[highlight]C [/highlight]
Caesar, Sid, American actor - birth name: Isaac Sidney Caesar
Cage, Nicolas, American actor - birth name: Nicholas Kim Coppola
Cain, Dean, American actor - birth name: Dean George Tanaka
Caine, Michael, English actor - birth name: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite
Calhoun, Rory, American actor - birth name: Francis Timothy McCown Durgin
Cannon, Dyann, American actress - birth name: Samile Diane Friesen
Capote, Truman, American author - birth name: Truman Streckfus Persons
Capshaw, Kate, American actress - birth name: Kathy Sue Nail
Carey, Harry, American actor - birth name: Henry DeWitt Carey II
Carlyle, Buddy, American baseball player - birth name: Earl L. Carlyle III
Cara, Irene, American singer/actress - birth name: Irene Escalera
Carradine, David, American actor - birth name: John Arthur Carradine
Carroll, Diahann, American actress/singer - birth name: Carol Diahann Johnson
Cates, Phoebe, American actress - birth name: Phoebe Belle Katz
Chandler, Jeff, American actor - birth name: Ira Grossel
Chandler, Lane, American actor - birth name: Robert Chandler Oakes
Charisse, Cyd, American dancer/actress - birth name: Tula Ellice Finklea
Charles, Ray, American singer/musician - birth name: Ray Charles Robinson
Chase, Chevy, American actor/comedian - birth name: Cornelius Crane Chase
Chenoweth, Kristin, American actress - birth name: Kristi Dawn Chenoweth
Cher, American actress/singer - birth name: Cheryl Sarkisian LaPiere
Clay, Andrew "Dice", American comedian/actor - birth name: Andrew Silverstein
Cline, Patsy, American singer/musician - birth name: Virginia Patterson Hensley
Clinton, Bill, Former American president - birth name: William Jefferson Blythe III
Cobb, Lee J., American actor - birth name: Leo Jacoby
Charlie Laine, Nude model, porn star - birth name: Tiffany Gard
Colbert, Claudette, American actress - birth name: Lily Claudette Chauchoin
Cole, Nat King, American singer - birth name: Nathaniel Adams Coles
Colter, Jessi, American singer/songwriter - birth name: Mirriam Johnson
Conaway, Jeff, American actor - birth name: Jeffery Charles William Michael
Conrad, Robert, American actor - birth name: Conrad Robert Falk
Conrad, William, American actor - birth name: William Cann
Como, Perry, American singer - birth name: Pierino Ronald Como
Connors, Carol, American singer - birth name: Annette Kleinbard
Connors, Chuck, American actor - birth name: Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors
Connors, Mike, American actor - birth name: Krekor Ohanian
Cooper, Alice, American singer - birth name: Vincent Damon Furnier
Cooper, Gary, American actor - birth name: Frank James Cooper
Copperfield, David, American illusionist - birth name: David Kotkin
Cortez, Ricardo, American actor - birth name: Jacob Krantz
Costello, Elvis, English singer - birth name: Declan Patrick MacManus
Costello, Lou, American actor and comedian (Abbott and Costello) - birth name: Louis Francis Cristillo
Covington, Bucky, American singer - birth name: William Joel Covington III
Coyote, Peter, American actor - birth name: Robert Peter Cohon
Crawford, Joan, American actress - birth name: Lucille LeSueur
Crisp, Coco, American baseball player - birth name: Covelli Loyce Crisp
Cromwell, Richard, American actor - birth name:LeRoy Melvin Radabaugh
Cruise, Tom, American actor - birth name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Cummings, Constance, American-born British actress - birth name: Constance Halverstadt
Curtis, Tony, American actor - birth name: Bernard Schwartz

[highlight]D [/highlight]
Dalle, Brody, American singer/musician - birth name: Bree Leslie Pucilowski
Dangerfield, Rodney, American comedian/actor - birth name: Jacob Cohen
Dante, Ron, American singer (The Archies) - birth name: Carmine Granito
Darin, Bobby, American singer/musician - birth name: Walden Robert Cassotto
Davies, Marion, American actress - birth name: Marion Cecilia Douras
Dawson, Richard, English-born American actor/television personality - birth name: Colin Emm
Day, Alice, American actress - birth name: Jacquiline Alice Newlin
Day, Doris, American actress/singer - birth name: Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff
Day, Marceline, American actress - birth name: Marceline Newlin
Dayne, Taylor, American singer/actress - birth name: Leslie Wunderman
De Carlo, Yvonne, Canadian-born American actress - birth name: Margaret Yvonne Middleton
De Mornay, Rebecca, American actress - birth name: Rebecca George
Dee, Kiki, English singer/songwriter - birth name: Pauline Matthews
Denver, John, American singer/musician - birth name: Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.
Derek, Bo, American actress - birth name: Mary Kathleen Collins
Dickinson, Angie, American actress - birth name: Angeline Brown
Diesel, Vin, American actor - birth name: Mark Sinclair Vincent
Dix, Richard, American actor - birth name: Ernest Carlton Brimmer
Dolby, Thomas, English musician/singer - birth name: Thomas Morgan Robertson
Doro, Marie, American actress - birth name: Marie Katherine Steward
Dors, Diana, English actress - birth name: Diana Mary Fluck
Douglas, Kirk, American actor - birth name: Issur Danielovitch Demsky
Dylan, Bob, American singer/musician - birth name: Robert Allen Zimmerman

[highlight]E [/highlight]
Electra, Carmen, American actress - birth name: Tara Leigh Patrick
Elliot, Cass, American singer (The Mamas and the Papas), birth name: Ellen Naomi Cohen
Essex, David, English actor/singer - birth name: David Albert Cook
Evans, Linda, American actress - birth name: Linda Evanstad
Ewell, Tom, American actor - birth name: Samuel Yewell Tompkins

[highlight]F [/highlight]
Fairbanks, Douglas, American actor - birth name: Julius Ullman
Fairchild, Morgan, American actress - birth name: Patsy Anne McClenny
Farr, Jamie, American actor - birth name: Jameel Joseph Farah
Fields, W. C., American actor/comedian - birth name: William Claude Dukenfield
Fine, Larry, American actor (Three Stooges) - birth name: Louis Feinberg
Flash, Grandmaster, American Hip/Hop musician/DJ - birth name: Joseph Saddler
Fleming, Rhonda, American actress - birth name: Marilyn Louis
Fontaine, Joan, English actress - birth name: Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland
Foster, Jodie, American actress - birth name: Alicia Christian Foster
Francis, Connie, American singer - birth name: Concetta Maria Franconero
Ford, Gerald, Former American president - birth name: Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
Ford, Glenn, Canadian-born American actor - birth name: Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford
Ford, John, American film director - birth name: John Martin Feeney
Ford, Mary, American singer - birth name: Iris Colleen Summers
Forsythe, John, American actor - birth name: John Lincoln Freund
Foxx, Jamie, American actor - birth name: Eric Marlon Bishop
Fulton, Eileen, American actress - birth name: Margaret Elizabeth McLarty

[highlight]G [/highlight]
Garbo, Greta, Swedish actress - birth name: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson
Garfield, John, American actor - birth name: Jacob Julius Garfinkle
Garland, Beverly, American actress - birth name: Beverly Lucy Fessenden
Garland, Judy, American singer/actress - birth name: Frances Ethel Gumm
Garner, James, American actor - birth name: James Scott Baumgarner
Gayle, Crystal, American singer - birth name: Brenda Gayle Webb
Gaynor, Janet, American actress - birth name: Laura Gainor
Gentry, Bobbie, American singer - birth name: Roberta Streeter
George, Boy, English singer/songwriter - birth name: George Alan O'Dowd
Gershwin, George, American composer - birth name: Jacob Gershowitz
Gershwin, Ira, American lyricist - birth name: Israel Gershowitz
Getty, Estelle, American actress - birth name: Estelle Scher
Gilbert, John, American actor - birth name: John Cecil Pringle
Gish, Dorothy, American actress - birth name: Dorothy Elizabeth de Guiche
Gish, Lillian, American actress - birth name: Lillian Diana de Guiche
Goldberg, Whoopi, American actress/comedienne - birth name: Caryn Elaine Johnson
Gore, Lesley, American singer - birth name: Lesley Sue Goldstein
Gould, Elliott, American actor - birth name: Elliott Goldstein
Grant, Cary, American actor - birth name: Archibald Alexander Leach
Grant, Ulysses S., Former American president - birth name: Hiram Ulysses Grant
Gray, Macy, American R&B singer - birth name: Natalie Renee McIntyre
Graziano, Rocky, American boxer - birth name: Thomas Rocco Barbella
Greene, Shecky, American comedian/actor - birth name: Sheldon Greenfield
Grey, Zane, American author - birth name: Pearl Zane Gray
Guillaume, Robert, American actor - birth name: Robert Peter Williams

[highlight]H [/highlight]
Hackett, Buddy, American actor/comedian - birth name: Leonard Hacker
Hagman, Larry, American actor - birth name: Larry Martin Hageman
Hall, Monty, American television personality - birth name: Monte Halparin
Hardin, Ty, American actor - birth name: Orton Hungerford, Jr.
Harlow, Jean, American actress - birth name: Harlean Harlow Carpenter
Hart, Gary, American politician - birth name: Gary Warren
Havoc, June, American actress - birth name: Ellen Hovick
Hayward, Susan, American actress - birth name: Edythe Marrener
Hayworth, Rita, American actress - birth name: Margarita Cansino
Heston, Charlton, American actor - birth name: John Charles Carter
Hill, Faith, American country/pop singer - birth name: Audrey Faith Perry
Hogan, Hulk, American professional wrestler/actor - birth name: Terrence Gene Bollea
Holden, William, American actor - birth name: William Franklin Beedle, Jr.
Holliday, Billie, American blues singer - birth name: Eleanora Fagan Gough
Hollander, Xaviera, Dutch call girl/author - birth name: Vera de Vries
Holly, Buddy, American singer/songwriter - birth name: Charles Hardin Holley
Hope, Bob, American actor/comedian - birth name: Leslie Townes Hope
Houdini, Harry, Hungarian-born American illusionist - birth name: Ehrich Weiss
Howard, Curly, American actor/comedian (Three Stooges) - birth name: Jerome Lester Horwitz
Howard, Moe, American actor/comdian (Three Stooges) - birth name: Harry Moses Horwitz
Howard, Shemp, American actor/comedian (Three Stooges) - birth name: Samuel Horwitz
Hudson, Rock, American actor - birth name: Roy Scherer
Humperdinck, Engelbert, English singer - birth name: Arnold George Dorsey
Hunter, Evan, American author/screenwriter - birth name: Salvatore Albert Lombino

[highlight]I [/highlight]
Ian, Janis, American singer/songwriter - birth name: Janis Eddy Fink
Idol, Billy, English rock musician - birth name: William Michael Albert Broad
Islam, Yusuf, English folk singer/songwriter - birth name: Steven Demetre Georgiou (also known as Cat Stevens prior to accepting Islam)
Ivins, Molly, American columnist/commentator/author - birth name: Mary Tyler Ivins

[highlight]J [/highlight]
Jackson, Bo, former American baseball and football player - birth name: Vincent Edward Jackson
Jackson, Jesse, American politician/activist - birth name: Jesse Louis Burns
James, Rick, American singer/musician - birth name: James Ambrose Johnson, Jr.
Jameson, Jenna, American adult film actress - birth name: Jennifer Marie Massoli
Jett, Joan, American singer/musician - birth name: Joan Marie Larkin
Jillian, Ann, American actress - birth name: Ann Jura Nauseda
Joel, Billy, American singer/songwriter - birth name: William Martin Joel
John, Elton, English singer - birth name: Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Jolson, Al, Lithuanian-born American singer/actor - birth name: Asa Yoelson
Jones, Carolyn, American actress - birth name: Carolyn Sue Baker
Jones, Grace, Jamaican model/singer/actress - birth name: Grace Mendoza
Jones, Jennifer, American actress - birth name: Phylis Lee Isley
Jones, Jenny, American television personality - birth name: Janina Stranski
Joy, Leatrice, American actress - birth name: Leatrice Joy Zeidler
Judd, Ashley, American actress - birth name: Ashley Tyler Ciminella
Judd, Wynonna, American singer (The Judds) - birth name: Christina Claire Ciminella

[highlight]K [/highlight]
Kahlo, Frida, Mexican painter - birth name: Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón
Kahn, Madeline, American actress - birth name: Madeline Gail Wolfson
Karloff, Boris, British actor - birth name: William Henry Pratt
Kasem, Casey, American radio personality and voice actor - birth name: Kemal Amin Kasem
Kaye, Danny, American actor/singer - birth name: David Daniel Kaminsky
Keaton, Michael, American actor - birth name: Michael John Douglas
Kerry, Norman, American actor - birth name: Arnold Kaiser
Ketchel, Stanley, American boxer - birth name: Stanislaw Kiecal
Kier, Udo, German actor - birth name: Udo Kierspe
Kim, Andy, Canadian singer - birth name: Andrew Youakim
King, B.B., American blues singer/guitarist - birth name: Riley B. King
King, Larry, American television personality - birth name: Lawrence Harvey Zeiger
Kingsley, Ben, English actor - birth name: Krishna Bhanji
Kinski, Klaus, German actor - birth name: Nikolaus Karl Günther Nakszyski
Kinski, Nastassja, German actress - birth name: Nastassja Aglaia Nakszyski
Knight, Ted, American actor - birth name: Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka
Knotts, Don, American actor - birth name: Jesse Donald Knotts
Koidula, Lydia, Estonian poet - birth name: Lydia Emilie Florentine Jannsen
Koufax, Sandy, American baseball player - birth name: Sanford Braun
Kumar, Ashok, Indian actor - birth name: Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly
Kumar, Dilip, Indian actor - birth name: Muhammad Yousuf Khan
Kumar, Kishore, Indian actor and playback singer - birth name: Abhas Kumar Ganguly
Kumar, Uttam, Indian actor - birth name: Arun Kumar Chatterjee

[highlight]L [/highlight]
Ladd, Cheryl, American actress - birth name: Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor
Lake, Veronica, American actress - birth name: Constance Frances Marie Ockleman
LaLanne, Jack, American fitness guru - birth name: François Henri LaLanne
Lamarr, Hedy, Austrian-born American actress - birth name: Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler
Landers, Ann, American newspaper columnist - birth name: Esther Pauline Friedman
Landers, Paul, German musician - birth name: Heiko Paul Hiersche
Landis, Carole, American actress - birth name: Frances Lillian Mary Ridste
Landon, Michael, American actor - birth name: Eugene Maurice Orowitz
La Rocque, Rod, American actor - birth name: Rodrique la Rocque de la Rour
Laurel, Stan, English-born American comedian/actor - birth name: Arthur Stanley Jefferson
Lauren, Ralph, American fashion designer - birth name: Ralph Lifschitz
Lawrence, Steve, American singer - birth name: Sidney Leibowitz
Lee, Gypsy Rose, American actress and burlesque performer - birth name: Rose Louise Hovick
Lee, Lila, American actress - birth name: Augusta Wilhelmena Fredericka Appel
Lee, Peggy, American singer - birth name: Norma Deloris Egstrom
Leigh, Janet, American actress - birth name: Jeanette Helen Morrison
Leigh, Jennifer Jason, American actress - birth name: Jennifer Lee Morrow
Leigh, Vivien, English actress - birth name: Vivien Mary Hartley
Lewis, Carl, American Olympic athlete - birth name: Frederick Carlton Lewis
Lewis, Huey, American Singer/actor - birth name: Hugh Anthony Cregg, III
Lewis, Jerry, American actor/comedian - birth name: Joseph Levitch
Lilly Ann, Penthouse Pet for March 2003, Porn star - birth name Ashley Ames.
Linder, Max, French actor - birth name: Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle
Liotta, Ray, American actor - birth name: Raymond Julian Vicimarli
Little, Ann, American actress - birth name: Mary Brooks
Loaf, Meat, American singer/actor - birth name: Marvin Lee Aday
Loren, Sophia, Italian actress - birth name: Sofia Villani Scicolone
Lombard, Carole, American actress - birth name: Jane Alice Peters
London, Julie, American singer/actress - birth name: Gayle Peck
Lords, Traci, American actress - birth name: Nora Louise Kuzma
Lorre, Peter, Slovakian-born American actor - birth name: Ladislav Löwenstein
Louis, Joe, American boxer - birth name: Joseph Louis Barrow
Louise, Tina, American actress - birth name: Tina Blacker
Love, Bessie, American actress - birth name: Juanita Horton
Love, Courtney, American singer/musician(Hole)/actress - birth name: Courtney Michelle Harrison
Lovich, Lene, American singer - birth name: Lili-Marlene Premilovich
Loy, Myrna, American actress - birth name: Myrna Adele Williams
Ludacris, American singer - birth name: Christopher Brian Bridges
Lugosi, Bela, Hungarian-born American actor - birth name: Béla Ferenc Dezs Blaskó
Lunch, Lydia, American singer - birth name: Lydia Koch
Lwin, Annabella, Engish singer (Bow Wow Wow) - birth name: Myint Myint Aye Lwin
Lynn, Loretta, American singer - birth name: Loretta Webb

[highlight]M [/highlight]
Mac, Bernie, American comedian/actor - birth name: Bernard Jeffery McCullough
MacDowell, Andie, American actress - birth name: Rosalie Anderson MacDowell
MacLaine, Shirley, American actress - birth name: Shirley MacLean Beaty
Macpherson, Elle, Australian model/actress - birth name: Eleanor Nancy Gow
Madison, Holly, American television personality - birth name: Holly Cullen
Madhubala, Indian actress - birth name: Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi
Madonna, American entertainer - birth name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Majors, Lee, American actor - birth name: Harvey Lee Yeary, Jr.
Manilow, Barry, American singer-songwriter - birth name: Barry Alan Pinkus
Manson, Marilyn, American singer - birth name: Brian Hugh Warner
March, Fredric, American actor - birth name: Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel
Margera, Bam, American professional skateboarder/actor - birth name: Brandon Cole Margera
Marlowe, June, American actress - birth name: Gisela Goetten
Marshall, Penny, American actress/director - birth name: Carole Penelope Marsciarelli
Martin, Andrew Test, Canadian professional wrestler - birth name: Andrew J. Martin
Martin, Dean, American singer/actor - birth name: Dino Paul Crocetti
Mason, ShirleyAmerican actress - birth name: Leonie Flugrath
Matthau, Walter, American actor - birth name: Walter John Matthow
McGavin, Darren, American actor - birth name: William Lyle Richardson
McGuinn, Roger, American singer/guitarist - birth name: Jim McGuinn
McManus, Rove, Australian TV show host - birth name: John McManus
Mercier, Michèle, French film actress - birth name: Jocelyne Yvonne Renée Mercier
Mercury, Freddie, English singer - birth name: Farrokh Bulsara
Merman, Ethel, American singer/actress - birth name: Ethel Agnes Zimmermann
Michael, George, English singer - birth name: Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou
Mills, Donna, American actress - birth name: Donna Jean Miller
Minter, Mary Miles, American actress - birth name: Juliet Reilly
Mirren, Helen, English actress - birth name: Ilyena Vasilievna Mironova
Mitchell, Joni, Canadian singer/songwriter - birth name: Roberta Joan Anderson
Monroe, Marilyn, American actress - birth name: Norma Jean Mortenson
Moore, Colleen, American actress - birth name: Kathleen Morrison
Moore, Demi, American actress - birth name: Demetria Gene Guynes
More, Max, Anglo-American Extropian philosopher, futurist and transhumanist - birth name: Max T. O'Connor
Moreno, Antonio, Spanish-born American actor - birth name: Antonio Garride Monteagudo
Moreno, Rita, Puerto Rican-born American actress - birth name: Rosita Dolores Alverío
Morgan, Harry, American actor - birth name: Henry Bratsburg
Morrissey, English singer - birth name: Steven Patrick Morrissey
Muni, Paul, Austro-Hungarian-born American actor - birth name: Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund
Murray, Mae, American actress - birth name: Marie Adrienne Koenig
Mutlu, Halil, Bulgaria-born Turkish weightlifter – birth name: Huben Hubenov

[highlight]N [/highlight]
Naldi, Nita, American actress - birth name: Anita Donna Dooley
Nazimova, Alla, Ukrainian-born American actress - birth name: Mariam Edez Adelaida Leventon
Negri, Pola, Polish-born American film actress - birth name: Barbara Apolonia Chaupiec
Nenê, Brazilian basketball player - birth name: Maybyner Rodney Hilario
Newmar, Julie, American actress - birth name: Julia Charlene Newmeyer
Nichols, Nichelle, American actress - birth name: Grace Nichols
Nomi, Klaus, German singer - birth name: Klaus Sperber
Norris, Chuck, American actor - birth name: Carlos Ray
Novak, Kim, American actress - birth name: Marilyn Pauline Novak
Novarro, Ramón, Mexican-born American actor - birth name: José Ramón Gil Samaniego
Novello, Ivor, Welsh singer/lyricist/actor - birth name: David Ivor Davies
Numan, Gary, English singer - birth name: Gary Anthony James Webb
Nurmi, Maila (aka "Vampira"), Finnish-born American actress - birth name: Maila Syrjäniemi
Nye, Louis, American actor - birth name: Louis Neistat

[highlight]O [/highlight]
Oakley, Annie, American markswoman - birth name: Phoebe Ann Mosey
Oberon, Merle, Indian-born American actress - birth name: Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson
O'Brien, Margaret, American actress - birth name: Angela Maxine O'Brien
Ocean, Billy, Trinidad and Tobago-born British singer/songwriter - birth name: Leslie Sebastian Charles
O'Hara, George, American actor/screenwriter - birth name: George Bolger
Oland, Warner, Swedish-born American actor - birth name: Johan Verner Ölund
Ondra, Anny, Czech film actress - birth name: Anna Sophie Ondráková
Owens, Jesse, American Olympic athlete - birth name: James Cleveland Owens

[highlight]P [/highlight]
Palance, Jack, American actor - birth name: Vladimir Palaniuk
Palusalu, Kristjan, Estonian wrestler/Olympian - birth name: Kristjan Trossmann
Paul, Les, American musician/inventor - birth name: Lester William Polsfuss
Peters, Bernadette, American actress - birth name: Bernadette Lazzara
Petrova, Olga, English actress - birth name: Muriel Harding
Petrovich, Iván, Serbian-born German actor - birth name: Swetislaw Petrovic
Phillips, Siân, Welsh actress - birth name: Jane Elizabeth Ailwên Phillips
Pickford, Jack, Canadian-born American actor - birth name: John Charles Smith
Pickford, Lottie, Canadian-born American actress - birth name: Charlotte Smith
Pickford, Mary, Canadian-born American actress - birth name: Gladys Louise Smith
Portman, Natalie, Israeli-born American actress - birth name: Natalie Hershlag
Preer, Evelyn, American actress/blues singer - birth name: Evelyn Jarvis
Prevost, Marie, Canadian-born American actress - birth name: Mary Bickford Dunn
Prinze, Freddie, American actor - birth name: Frederick Karl Pruetzel
Pujols, Albert, American baseball player - birth name: José Alberto Pujols

[highlight]Q [/highlight]
Qualen, John, American actor - birth name: Johan Mandt Kvalen
Quinn, Anthony, Mexican-born American actor - birth name: Antonio Rudolfo Oaxaca Quinn

[highlight]R [/highlight]
Rambova, Natacha, American costume designer/actress - birth name: Winifred Shaughnessy
Rand, Ayn, Russian-born novelist/philosopher - birth name: Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum
Rand, Sally, American dancer/actress - birth name: Harriet Helen Gould Beck
Randall, Tony, American actor - birth name: Arthur Leonard Rosenberg
Rashad, Ahmad, American football player/sportscaster - birth name: Robert Moore
Rayburn, Gene, American television personality - birth name: Eugene Rubessa
Reed, Donna, American actress - birth name: Donnabelle Mullenger
Reeves, George, American actor - birth name: George Keefer Brewer
Reynolds, Debbie, American actress/singer - birth name: Mary Frances Reynolds
Reubens, Paul, American actor/comedian - birth name: Paul Rubenfeld
Rhodes, Nick, English musician (Duran Duran) - birth name: Nicholas James Bates
Richard, Cliff, English singer - birth name: Harry Rodger Webb
Rivers, Joan, American comedienne/actress - birth name: Joan Alexandra Molinsky
Roberts, Ben, English professional poker player - birth name: Mehdi Jadvani
Robinson, Edward G., American actor - birth name: Emanuel Goldenberg
Rogers, Ginger, American actress/dancer - birth name: Virginia Katherine McMath
Rogers, Roy, American cowboy actor/singer - birth name: Leonard Franklin Slye
Roland, Gilbert, Mexican-born American actor - birth name: Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso
Rooney, Mickey, American actor - birth name: Joseph Yule, Jr.
Ross, Diana, American singer - birth name: Diane Ernestine Earle Ross
Roth, Tim, English actor - birth name: Timothy Simon Smith
Rothko, Mark, Latvian-born American painter - birth name: Marcus Rothkowitz
Rotten, Johnny, English rock singer - birth name: John Joseph Lydon
Ryan, Meg, American actress - birth name: Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra
Ryder, Winona, American actress - birth name: Winona Laura Horowitz

[highlight]S [/highlight]
Samms, Emma, English actress - birth name: Emma Samuelson
Sanu, Kumar, Indian playback singer - birth name: Kedarnath Bhattacharya
Sawyer, Diane, American TV journalist - birth name: Lila Diane Sawyer
Scala, Gia, English actress - birth name: Giovanna Scoglio
Sen, Suchitra, Indian actress - birth name: Roma Dasgupta
Seymour, Jane, English-born American actress, birth name: Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg
Sharif, Omar, Egyptian actor - birth name: Michel Demitri Shalhoub
Sheen, Charlie, American actor - birth name: Carlos Irwin Estévez
Sheen, Martin, American actor - birth name: Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez
Sidney, Sylvia, American actress - birth name: Sophia Kosow
Sills, Beverly, American opera singer - birth name: Belle Miriam Silverman
Simmons, Gene, American singer (KISS) - birth name: Chaim Klein Witz
Simone, Nina, American singer - birth name: Eunice Kathleen Waymon
Slash, English guitarist - birth name: Saul Hudson
Smith, Anna Nicole, American centerfold/model - birth name: Vickie Lynn Hogan
Somers, Brett, Canadian-born American television personality/actress - birth name: Audrey Sommers
Sondergaard, Gale, American actress - birth name: Edith Holm Sondergaard
Soo, Jack, American actor - birth name: Goro Suzuki
Sothern, Ann, American actress - birth name: Harriette Arlene Lake
Spacek, Sissy, American actress - birth name: Mary Elizabeth Spacek
Spillane, Mickey, American author - birth name: Frank Morrison Spillane
Springfield, Dusty, English singer - birth name: Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien
Soundarya, Indian actress - birth name: Sowmya
Stanwyck, Barbara, American actress - birth name: Ruby Katherine Stevens
Starr, Ringo, English drummer - birth name: Richard Starkey
Stewart, Jon, American comedian/actor - birth name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
Sting, English musician - birth name: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
Stone, Harold J., American actor - birth name: Harold Hochstein
Stone, Joss, British singer/actress - birth name: Joscelyn Eve Stoker
Storm, Hannah, American TV journalist - birth name: Hannah Storen
Süleymanolu, Naim, Bulgaria-born Turkish weightlifter – birth name: Naim Suleimanov (later forcibly changed to Naum Shalamanov)
Súmac, Yma, Peruvian singer - birth name: Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo
Summer, Donna, American singer - birth name: LaDonna Adrian Gaines
Supervía, Conchita, Spanish opera singer - birth name: Concepcion Supervía Pascual
Suraiya, Indian actress - birth name: Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh

[highlight]T [/highlight]
Taylor, Robert, American actor - birth name: Spangler Arlington Brough
Tellegen, Lou, Dutch-born American actor - birth name: Isadore Louis Bernard van Dommelem
Teller, American comedian/magician - birth name: Raymond Joseph Teller
Terrell, Tammi, American singer - birth name: Thomasina Montgomery
Thomas, Olive, American actress - birth name: Oliveretta Elaine Duffy
Thomas, Danny, American comedian/actor - birth name: Amos Yakhoob
Tilly, Jennifer, American actress - birth name: Jennifer E. Chan
Tilly, Meg, American actress - birth name: Margaret E. Chan
Top, Carrot, American prop comedian - birth name: Scott Thompson
Torn, Rip, American actor - birth name: Elmore Rual Torn, Jr.
Townsend, Smada, Canadian musician - birth name: Adams Archibald Townsend
Trebek, Alex, Canadian-born American TV personality - birth name: Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek
Trevor, Claire, American actress - birth name: Claire Wemlinger
Turner, Lana, American actress - birth name: Julia Jean Turner
Turner, Ted, American media mogul/philanthropist - birth name: Robert Edward Turner III
Turner, Tina, American singer/actress - birth name: Anna Mae Bullock
Twain, Shania, Canadian/American singer - birth name: Eilleen Regina Edwards
Tyler, Bonnie, Welsh singer - birth name: Gaynor Hopkins
Tyler, Steven, American singer (Aerosmith) - birth name: Steven Victor Tallarico
Tyler, Flash, Romanian singer - birth name: Marius Stefan Andrei

[highlight]U [/highlight]
The Undertaker, American professional wrestler - birth name: Mark Lucas Calaway
Ulrich, Skeet, American actor - birth name: Bryan Ray Trout
Ure, Midge, British singer - birth name: James Ure

[highlight]V [/highlight]
Vadim, Roger - French director/actor/producer - birth name: Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov
Vale, Vola - American actress - birth name: Vola Smith
Valens, Ritchie, American rock and roll singer - birth name: Richard Steven Valenzuela
Valentino, Rudolph, Italian actor - birth name: Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antoguolla
Valli, Frankie, American singer (The Four Seasons) - birth name: Francis Stephen Castelluccio
Valli, Virginia, American actress - birth name: Virginia McSweeney
VandenHurk, Rick, Dutch-born American baseball player - birth name: Henricus van den Hurk
Van Doren, Mamie, American actress - birth name: Joan Lucille Olander
Varconi, Victor, Hungarian-born American actor - birth name: Mihály Várkonyi
Vedder, Eddie, American singer/guitarist (Pearl Jam) - birth name: Edward Louis Seversen III
Vee, Bobby, American singer - birth name: Robert Thomas Velline
Vegas, Johnny, English comedian and actor - birth name: Michael Joseph Pennington
Veidt, Conrad, German actor - birth name: Hans Walter Conrad Weidt
Ventura, Jesse, American wrestler, former Governor of Minnesota - birth name: James George Janos
Villas, Violetta, Polish singer - birth name: Czesawa Cielak
Vinton, Bobby, American singer - birth name: Stanley Robert Vintula, Jr.

[highlight]W [/highlight]
Wagner, Lindsay, American actress - birth name: Lindsay Jean Ball
Wallace, Beryl, American actress - birth name: Beryl Heischuber
Warhol, Andy, American artist - birth name: Andrew Warhola
Warrior, American professional wrestler - birth name: Brian James Hellwig
Warwick, Dionne, American singer - birth name: Marie Dionne Warrick
Wayne, John, American actor - birth name: Marion Robert Morrison
Weaver, Sigourney, American actress - birth name: Susan Alexandra Weaver
Webb, Clifton, American actor - birth name: Webb Parmelee Hollenbeck
Webber, Chris, American basketball player - birth name: Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III
Weissmuller, Johnny, Austro-Hungarian-born American swimmer/actor - birth name: János Weißmüller
Wendell, Turk, American baseball player - birth name: Steven John Wendell
West, Adam, American actor - birth name: William West Anderson
West, Eric, American singer/model - birth name: Eric Rosa
White, Jack, American musician (White Stripes, The Raconteurs) - birth name: John Anthony Gillis
White, Vanna, American television personality - birth name: Vanna Marie Rosich
Wilder, Billy, American film director/producer - birth name: Samuel Wilder
Wilder, Gene, American actor - birth name: Jerome Silberman
Williams, Andy, American pop singer - birth name: Howard Andrew Williams
Wilson, Henry, Former American vice president - birth name: Jeremiah Jones Colbath
Winchell, Walter, American columnist, radio personality - birth name: Walter Winschel
Windsor, Claire - American actress: birth name: Clara Viola Cronk
Winters, Shelley, American actress - birth name: Shirley Schrift
Wonder, Stevie, American singer - birth name: Stevland Hardaway Judkins
Wong, Anna May, American actress - birth name: Wong Liu Tsong
Wood, Natalie, American actress - birth name: Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko
Woodall, Trinny, English fashion guru/television presenter - birth name: Sarah-Jane Woodall
Woods, Tiger, American golfer - birth name: Eldrick Tonter Woods
Wyman, Jane, American actress - birth name: Sarah Jane Mayfield
Wynette, Tammy, American singer - birth name: Virginia Wynette Pugh

[highlight]X [/highlight]
Malcolm X, American civil-rights activist - birth name: Malcolm Little
Xuxa, Brazilian singer/television host - birth name: Maria de Graça Meneghel

[highlight]Y [/highlight]
York, Susannah, British actress - birth name: Susannah Yolanda Fletcher
Young, Burt, American actor - birth name: Jerry De Louise
Young, Gig, American actor - birth name: Byron Elsworth Barr
Young, Loretta, American actress - birth name: Gretchen Michaela Young
Yuro, Timi, American singer - birth name: Rosemarie Timotea Aurro

[highlight]Z [/highlight]
Zadora, Pia, American actress/singer - birth name: Pia Alfreda Schipani
Zapata, Emiliano, Mexican revolutionary - birth name: Emiliano Zapata Salazar
Zeffirelli, Franco, Italian film director - birth name: Gianfranco Corsi
Zydeco, Buckwheat, American singer/musician - birth name: Stanley Joseph Dural, Jr.

So, what would you change your name to if you were going to change it for show business or for whatever other reason? Of course sticking with what you have is a fair choice too.


Lion Rampant
How tweaky would you have to be to change your name from Albert Dorsey to Englebert Humperdinck?

Hmm, tweaky. Foster Tweaky. Yeah, I might go with that. My real name's being abused by some uber-geek who thinks that Linux is the cybertronic Messiah.


Survived a M&G with Trent
I would keep my name. I love it. I've told my parents that I'm so happy they named me what they did.

Btw, my first name is Jane. Not disclosing my last name for obvious reasons. ;)


Sally Twit
I'd only change my surname as I like my first name - it's short and easy to remember.
My surname is awful and I can't wait to get married and change it.


Boom Boom Pow!
I would stick with my real first name - simply because I like it.

I would chance my second name though. I'm not a huge fan of my second name. Plus it is too boring to be a show name. You want something flashy and something that people will remember easily. Unfortunatly I can't think of a second name that I would want to chance to at this moment in time.
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As Nix said, I would stick with my first name, but I can't think what I'd want as a second name. I love 'Dylan' so maybe that. Rebecca Dylan.

This answer may or may not be Bob Dylan influenced. :D
My first name is acceptable, it can't be pronounced or spelled incorrectly. I'd change my second name to Caster, it just sounds right.


Supreme System Lord
I'd change my name to 'Clayton'.

It sounds gay but I've always thought it was catchy....what do I know?

Most of those celebrities who changed their name, I don't even know their real name.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If I went to show business I would just change my first name to Michael and for my second name I would change it to Carter.

Also just to fix a mistake, Kareem Abdul Jabbar changed his name because he became muslim after graduating from UCLA.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I can see myself using a screen name if I go to show business but I don't think I'd go as far as actually changing my legal name.