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If you were stuck on an island, and had to choose ONE of three things.


Okay, so if you were stuck on a deserted island and had to choose one of the following, which would it be?

Books - Basically and endless amount of books, old and new.

Music - Massive record/CD/MP3 etc collection.

Movies/TV - A selection of basically every movie and TV show there is.

I would personally pick books. Although... if you pick movies you are basically getting two in one because many films or TV shows include large amounts of music. I think I would still pick books though.

Obviously you have means on the island to listen/read/watch all of this.


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I would choose Movies/Tv. That way I would feel like I had company, hearing the voices.


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Because motherfucking books. Contains knowledge, including the kind that'll help your ass survive when you're stuck on an island.


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Books. Books can tell you how to make music and movies. This relationship does not exist in the other direction.


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I'll be in the minority here and I'll choose music any day over the other choices. I could live off the music, seriously... I'm not kidding.


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I would choose books. It would be just like my childhood! I like the personal freedom of interpretation that books bring, although I would really miss music.


I doubt you would be in the minority Bubbles, hundreds of people would probably choose music.

I'm with Starfire though, when I read books the world and characters created in my own mind are usually much more absorbing than many films or songs.


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Movies/TV; easy call. I could still listen to my library, including hundreds of thousands of musical performances, if I went blind in my old age or via accident (gotta think ahead, folks), and watch it if I went deaf. Can you imagine choosing books and then losing the ability to read them? It would have to be like living in the Twilight Zone.

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But what if you went blind AND deaf? The movies would be just as bad as books. Also, if you went deaf but still kept your sight then I would prefer books over films. Imagine being able to watch films but never hear what anyone was saying?


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Movies. There are educational movies, and movies can contain music as well.

Music doesn't contain long ordinary speech, and it will eventually get boring for me without any video.

Books don't have sound or video, except for the ones you create. Nothing appealing about that.
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