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If you were starting your own wrestling promotion...


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If you were starting your own upstart wrestling promotion, what would it be called?

In what regional area would it be based? (Not just a country, but a section).

What kind of wrestling would be your "specialty?" Tag teams? Cruiserweights? Women?

What country's wrestling types would influence your group the most? A lot of luchador flavor? More Japanese strong style? British? Canadian tradition? American?

Would you focus on powerful storylines or more pure wrestling?

What are some other details you can think of now?


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FWF (Fantastic Wrestling Federation)
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York (essentially old ECW and ROH territory)
Tons of tag teams, Also a good amount of cruiserweights. And super heavyweights. All of the extremes.
Canadian and British traditions as well as Japanese stylings.
Both powerful stores and great wrestling.

Sign Randy Orton for a bajillion dollars so he joins.


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I would call my organization ICW even though I know that acronym is used already, I would buy them out and the organization would stand for Intercontinental Championship Wrestling.

It would be based in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

I would have my main focus on Tag Team wrestling as well as singles competitions. I would also have Managers play a big role for some wrestlers. (about 25% - 30% will have a manager, some with the same one but going different paths, like the good ol' days.)

I would obviously have luchadors, as well as American and Canadian and if funds permit British and Japs. But my main 3 will be lucha, Americana, and Canadian.

I would focus more on rankings and put them mixed with a story line. People that deserve to be on top of the company and carry my titles will deserve them. Never lose the prestige of my titles, and not break up tag teams for the hell of it. I would not have any 3 minute matches, but there will be grudge matches that will have hardcore rules and stuff like that as well.


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I have never watched females wrestle, just men.....and well..maybe it's the speedo trunks, I dunno :)
Being female, I would have to name mine something girlie, maybe something like......the TMD federation.
Take Me Down federation *smiles*