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If You Were A Lawyer


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Would you be best at being a defense attorney?? Or a prosecuting attorney? For me, I am for sure I would be better at prosecuting. I could not like a criminal and go at them with gusto and not have a problem. But being a defense attorney, that's not a job I would want. Some of them have to try and defend criminals that even they know are guilty, and they have to try and prove them to be innocent, or at least get them off on a lesser charge. It would be hard to defend someone I knew was deserving of jail.


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Defense attorney, I'm much better at playing devil's advocate than mounting a positive, evidence-based case. Instilling doubt is hard but with enough skill it can be done- and it's important to making sure people are tried justly (anyone ever seen 12 Angry Men?).


Embrace the Suck
I've done both. Initially I worked for the District Attorneys office prosecuting misdemeanors and later felonies. There is something to be said for prosecuting criminals.

I then went to work for a firm that mostly did civil defense but I did do some criminal work there. Most of it was 4th amendment unreasonable search and seizure claims, improper confessions, and other procedural claims. I did more suppression hearings than criminal trials.

I understand where you are coming from but I looked at it like protecting the Constitution. I had no problem defending someone who was caught with drugs in the trunk of his car if the search of his trunk was a 4th amendment violation. I couldn't justify not defending him because he's guilty if what led to his finding of guilt was unconstitutional.

I would have to say I liked them both, but I preferred being on the defense side and ensuring the state met their burden of proof and did things correctly before sending someone to jail.


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Ok, after reading how CO put it, I can fully understand now why he and Kaz chose how they did. I wasn't looking at the full picture, I was looking at the simple part of putting away the bad guys. Thanks for explaining :)
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I think I would probably be more comfortable being a prosecuting attorney then being a defense attorney. I wouldn't want to defend someone I knew was guilty.

It should be stated I wouldn't technically WANT to do either but for the sake of the thread that's where I'm leaning haha


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Id wanna be a prosecuting lawyer. then i could help put criminals in jail and maybe even the one that stole my last bike when they find him!


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I think that I would be good at both but I really wouldn't enjoy defending somebody that I think is in the wrong. I can present a cogent argument based on facts so that would really help on both sides but I would prefer some honesty.

Many times people forget that there are many prosecutors that have no business prosecuting (how else would people win for suing for stupid things? ;))

I would hate being a lawyer either way though.


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Back when I studied law I always wanted to play defence. I think it would be more fun I guess.

I have no problems with getting murderers or whatever off. If I'm the better lawyer, then its fair if I win.

And the argument where 'you know they're guilty' is hardly valid, sure you'd have your suspicions, but if the crim explicitly tells you they're guilty then you can't be their lawyer, at least in Australia thats how it works.


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<...> (anyone ever seen 12 Angry Men?).
A great film.

And I would be defense.. Both, defense and prosecution have their dark side... Letting murderers walk the streets, getting innocent people rot in jail... I just think I would be a better advocate. And then live a fake little world where I can pretend I can help only those I believe in.


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There might be more satisfaction involved in defense cases. If I lose I can just think of it becaus my client is really guilty (so justice is served). If I win and my client isn't guilty then I helped an innocent man. If I win and my client is guilty, then I must be a goddamn good lawyer. :lol: