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If you read every forum post here...


Secret Agent
Staff member
Fun fact. Assuming it takes a minute to read every post on average, it would take around 2.5 years to read every post on these forums, and you couldn’t leave the computer even to go to the bathroom.

24/7 reading for 30 months with no sleep.

Basically, I don’t suggest it. You’d be much better off going for the 5 year plan and taking about 12 hours off every day.

And just to put things into perspective, every two minutes, more content is posted to Facebook worldwide then has ever existed on this site.

How’s that for some stats, @Millz?


Registered Member
Interesting fun facts, Mirage.

In my life, I've read many more posts on online forums such as PopMalt.com than I have read content on Facebook. I hardly ever look at anything on Facebook.