If you owned a business?


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Lets pretend you owned a business, you take care of the hiring. A homeless person comes to apply for a job, you know for sure this person is homeless, would you hire him or her for a position in your business.

Please explain your answer.


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Depends on the business, if the person could get to work each day, and personal appearance. Essentially though if I knew the person could get to the job and keep a professional appearance and knew what they were doing either prior and/or after job training I don't see why not. People gotta get money first to get into a place ya know?


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The type of businesses I would own would be the type where people worked in an office setting. I don't think other employees would appreciate working next to somebody who smelled bad.

Probably not. If they were able to get cleaned up and use the money I paid them to get a place to stay then it wouldn't be an issue, but then again they wouldn't be homeless anymore so that's kind of skirting the issue.


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I would employ the homeless because it's a gesture of helping him, but ONLY if it can come to work looking good and clean & also has training for that job.


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Pending there was an opening and the person in question was qualified, you can bet being homeless would not be an issue. As far as thats concerned, if the business model was set up much like the one I work for now... I'd even offer the guy a place to stay until he got back up on his feet... after evaluating he was a hard worker of course.

This is always a big debate of mine, see I'm a very firm believer in the thought of theres no real reason to stay homeless. Where I'm from there is always work, the only thing that keeps people from doing the work is a false sense of Self Standards. The "I'm to good for that kind of work" mentality so to speak... I hate that and would be dammed to find myself in that situation and being picky about work. So you can bet, if I were propositioned by a homeless person for a job, I could definitely find a place for him/her doing grunt work.

And again, same thing for office work as long as they were qualified. Obviously its a BS concept to say I'd hire them for any given job... when in reality Business is business, we have things that need to be accomplished so I wont take any special cases for anyone regardless of their residential status.


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Lets pretend you owned a business, you take care of the hiring. A homeless person comes to apply for a job, you know for sure this person is homeless, would you hire him or her for a position in your business.

Please explain your answer.

My main concern would be "is he qualified?" I'm not going to hire out of pity nor reject a candidacy simply because he's homeless.


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It would depend on the business.

If the person would need proper attire and to be showered, etc., I would set them up in a shelter, get them some cheap clothes, and hire them based on their qualifications. I am just inclined to help like that.

However, with the kind of business I want (a B&B/Inn), I would be more able to help that person. I would let them stay in one of the rooms in exchange for working there. Of course, since they would be living with me, I would do a background check first. I'm not saying all homeless people are "bad" people. In fact, most aren't. But sometimes people are homeless due to stints in jail, or the homelessness makes people do unsavory things. Either way, I'd want to make sure first.


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Ive been in this position.

When I was in catering many years ago we used to often have homeless applicants, they would turn up with the social by their side, who would usually do more talking than the applicant themselves. I did not ever recuited any of them though as they were never suitable for the job.

I would never recruit out of pity. I remember one kid who was a refugee, he was a Kurd and only about 16-17 yrs old. I asked him what led him to Cardiff and he was saying how he'd suffered racial discrimination, abuse and would regularly be beaten-up........... the worse part was he was actually talking about life Kent in South-East England where he'd been living whilst he applied for assylum. I felt really sorry for him, one of those people you can see the pain in their eyes... but I could not appoint him, I only worked for the company and I had to uphold the standards. Even if I did own the business you have to think with money not with the heart.


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If I were to own my own business, it would be a restaurant. I don't really think anyone that eats there is going to want a dirty homeless person cooking, touching, or even near their food. If the homeless person were to apply, I would just respectfully tell them that they may be a candidate for the job if they showed up clean, and looked decent enough to not scare customers away. If he/she proved that they could come in every day showered and with clean clothes, and they fit the expectations of the job, I would hire.

But really, if he/she is homeless... I doubt they would be able to show up for work showered and clean every day. :-/


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probably not. as much as i would want to help the person, it would be too much hassle/risk. You can't be sure they are using your money for housing, and hygiene would be a big issue. I would just rather hire someone i know has a home and can come to work clean, instead of having to deal with the negative aspects of a homeless person.